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关于”写我的室友“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Write about my roommate。以下是关于写我的室友的四级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write about my roommate

I studied in a high school. The school was far away from my home, so I had to live in the school on the first day when I came to the school. The head led me to a dormitory.

He said that I would have three roommates. I was the first to come. So I waited a minute to see my roommates.

They came from different places. I learned how to get along with them. Li Hua likes music very much.

He can play guitar He plays the guitar when he is not in class. Wang Hai likes to read all kinds of novels. Sometimes he will read novels all night.

Su Kai likes playing basketball. While reading all the news of NBA, he likes playing tennis. Although we have different hobbies, we share our happiness and sadness.

The differences make our life colorful.




My roommate, which was my first day in college, slowly walked into the dormitory building with my luggage, went door to door looking for my name, and finally found it in the room. There was already a girl who was shyly a bed. She said "hello" to me, and then she went on her work.

I stopped paying attention to my "arrogant guy", I thought. Then I began to check the room, it and The other rooms I saw were no different, but my new roommate had cleaned it thoroughly, and no doubt, a few minutes later, I began to examine her. She was thin, short and black, and her hair was messy, like a pile of straw.

Her dirty clothes and tired look were obvious signs of a long journey. Her size 2 shirt is too big and her pants are a little short, which makes her look funny. Moreover, she was wearing a pair of rubber scandals, which, in a word, was really out of date, not at all like a smart new-born "hillbilly." the second time she spoke, I decided that her accent told me that she was from the south.

"Can I help you with your luggage from the first floor?" I didn't refuse because I really needed help. He was quick before I said "thank you." she had After walking out of the room, it soon surpassed me. "A good man," I said to myself, "I'll make friends with her." I quickly catch up with her, "hello" "can I help you pick up your luggage from the first floor?".





Note: to write a composition entitled "how to get along with roommates", you should write at least a few words according to the following Chinese outline. For many college students, living with roommates is a new experience, and many people feel it is very challenging. Although getting along with roommates is not always easy, it is very important.

In fact, how well you get along with your roommate is a good indicator of your performance in college. First of all, communication is the key. If there is an issue that is not discussed, it will only get worse.

Considerate and important. If you know that your roommate has an important exam the next day, it is not a good idea to stay up late and make a phone call. It is also very important to keep your things clean.

As we all know, living in a chaotic environment can lead to a chaotic life. Therefore, a The three key characteristics of a good roommate include communication, consideration, and tidiness. Hope these suggestions will help make college life easier.


说明:写一篇题为《如何与室友相处》的作文你应该根据下面的中文大纲至少写几个字如何与室友相处对许多大学生来说,和室友一起生活是一种新的体验,很多人都觉得很有挑战性,尽管和室友相处并不总是一件容易的事,但这件事很重要。事实上,你和室友相处得如何,可以很好地表明你在大学里的表现。首先,沟通是关键,如果有一个问题没有被讨论,那么它只会变得更糟体贴也很重要如果你知道你的室友第二天有一个重要的考试,最后熬夜打电话不是个好主意,保持你的东西干净也是很重要的众所周知,生活在一个混乱的环境中会导致混乱的生活,因此,一个好室友的三个关键特征包括沟通、考虑和整洁希望这些建议将有助于使大学生活更轻松单词)indicator['indikeitər]n混乱[kei'a:tik]adj体贴[kən'sidərət]adj characteristic kærəktəristik]n整洁['taidinəs]n vital['vaitl]adj。

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