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Youth is a precious time in our life, and also the golden age in our life. When we are young, strong and healthy, it is when we are ready to be responsible citizens. Young people only come once in a lifetime.

It is important that we should not waste these years in lazy and bad lives. This is also the best time for us to remember. We can learn more in this period than when we are young and old.

We have the enthusiasm to set high goals for ourselves and try to overcome the obstacles that hinder our progress. If we realize how precious your youth is, we will be satisfied when we are young, if we waste me when we are old Our youth, we will wait for the rest of our lives, hope we can be young again.




Some people say that youth is a song, echoing the happy and beautiful melody. Others say that youth is a painting, engraved with rich and romantic colors many years ago. In order to drive out the darkness and change the light, and for independent homeland and prosperity, a group of high spirited youth wrote the most magnificent chapter of this song with blood and life.

The song of youth depicts a magnificent picture of contemporary youth, "body" Education, as a glorious page, has been recorded in the history of the Chinese nation. "It is not only a historical case, but also a spirit. In order to show the youth of the whole nation their ardent love for the future and destiny of the country, and pay attention to today's young people's performance of their duties and missions, we are lucky for this generation of young people to live in the good time of reform and opening up, and to stand at the intersection of the century and the millennium Last year, we were lucky to face the new century.

Our responsibility is to recall that we carry forward the "spirit of serious thinking. They should have a kind of youth. What kind of life memories, we know from the beginning" is a history lesson from primary school to middle school.

At that time, when the school started, the teacher talked about "exercises". For us, imperialist powers bullied China's youth in various ways At that time, he gave his life to the motherland. Although we could not fully understand the profound truth, it was like a glimmer of hope that lit up the vast wilderness.

Our young hearts gradually sowed the seeds of patriotism. We grew up, and we became the peak of their youth. We had a deeper understanding of our tradition and spirit and thought that I was the best We used to be a great youth, they have provided us with a gentle shoulder saved from the task.




Youth needs perseverance. Without perseverance, it is easy to give up halfway. Young people need calmness.

If they are not calm, they are easy to go to the dark road. Without ideals, they will lose their motivation to move forward. Youth, we should learn to be tolerant, for our own life and for others' youth.

We should also learn to understand, let our heart become the sea, let the river become the embrace of youth, We learn to choose, from the limited time and energy to find the best, let us spend our youth in every day, let our flying thoughts gently lock violet in the wind.



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