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关于”成功的方法“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:The way to succeed。以下是关于成功的方法的专升本英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The way to succeed

Ang Lee is a very famous male film director in China, and he has won the reputation all over the world. Ang Lee's great success has aroused people's attention to his past life. His past has made his career very successful today.

Ang Lee is very modest. Before Ang Lee's success, he attributed his success to his family. His life was difficult.

In his early years, he relied on his wife, Ang Lee In art school, he studied film, but it is very difficult for someone to make a film for him, especially after he graduated from school. He has been studying film, hoping to make some satisfactory scripts in the past six years, but no one asked him to make a movie. He thought many times to give up, and he found another job to make a living.

When his wife found out this, she was very angry Tell him that he must make a good film and all the difficulties should be experienced. When we know the rest of the story, people begin to understand Ang Lee's film. The first time he made a film was very successful, and since then he has won many awards.

He has been walking very fast. He began to become famous in the United States, and then won the highest popularity Oscar for best director. This is crazy Well, Ang Lee's legend continues.

He won all the success of the Oscar director again, thanks to his family's support, according to him.




There is no doubt that we all want to succeed, but what is the main focus of the road to success? From Abraham Lincoln's famous saying, give me six hours to cut trees, and I will use the first four hours to sharpen my axe. I learned that if we want to succeed, we must be fully prepared. Only by being prepared, can we seize the opportunities that occasionally appear in our daily life, we must broaden our horizons and lay a solid foundation for success.

We still have a long way to go before we can succeed. Therefore, we must accumulate knowledge over time, and we can't succeed in one or two days. If we have a broad vision, it will help us solve problems more effectively.

We have to be fully prepared. If we are ready, we will catch up with it at any time. Opportunities take precedence over those who prepare for them.

Success comes with opportunity. We should develop the ability to solve problems in different and effective ways so that we can embark on the road to success easily.






Abraham Lincoln has a famous saying: "give me six hours to cut trees, and I will use the first four hours to sharpen the axe." this means that if your axe is blunt, sharpening the knife will not waste your time cutting wood. It will seriously affect the speed and efficiency of tree cutting. Even if you sharpen the axe before cutting the tree, it will take you a period of time.

Its speed and efficiency will be greatly improved, and if we want to succeed You will also spend less time cutting down the same tree. We'd better improve ourselves first. What should we do to achieve success.

Each of us has big goals, but we'd better start by preparing to face difficulties, start fundamentally, stop talking and start working. In addition to perseverance and dice, it is very necessary for us to have some useful things to remember. Haste makes waste.

Good tools are the premise of successful implementation. To achieve success, we must choose the right method and make full preparation, so that we are on the road to success.




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