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When I'm asked what kind of facial expression I have, what I want to say is that happiness, anger, sadness and happiness make people express themselves in different ways on their faces. For example, when I was told that the teachers had been thinking about appointing another monitor in the men's class, but I was not the one who had chosen well, I would feel very depressed and wonder why I should not be the monitor (even if it was only the Deputy monitor, I began to be very angry with the underrated person, and then I might put it in front of him After all, I won't be as polite as usual. It's no big deal if he is the monitor.

Since he is really better than me, I still have to continue to work hard and do a good job, so that the teacher can see how hard I am.




My name is XX, I come from China, height, weight XX, date of birth, XXX in XX month XX, my favorite subject is XXX, my favorite month is February, my favorite season is spring, my favorite sport is running, my favorite food is Hamburg, my favorite housework is sweeping the floor, what I do is playing computer, the professional is computer engineer, because I like playing with electricity very much The content of brain input has reached the limit of length. You can input text to insert pictures to delete pictures to insert maps to delete pictures to insert video maps to get two experience values. The answers are adopted in the experience and can increase the value of wealth synchronously.




I have been to Beijing many times, climbed the Great Wall in Beijing, visited the summer palace and the Forbidden City, took a lot of photos and talked with foreigners in English. Now I usually write a question to me in the first person. Thank you for your input content length has reached the limit.

You can input characters, insert pictures, insert pictures, delete maps Map map insert video experience, I can simultaneously increase experience value and wealth value reference answer: submit answer.




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