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关于”我喜欢温柔的人“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:I like gentle people。以下是关于我喜欢温柔的人的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:I like gentle people

I am a one-year-old boy. I have a big happy family. My father, my mother and my family members.

My father is not only a handsome man, but also a hero in my heart. My mother is a very good woman. They all love me with all their heart.

I love my family more than anything else. My family has a big house, two bedrooms, a kitchen, and one A bathroom, a living room and two balconies on the fourth floor. The living room is very bright.

The kitchen reminds you of delicious food. Let me introduce you to my lovely bedroom. There are many lovely works of art in my bedroom, just like the pictures on the wall.

I love my bedroom. This is my small world. I feel quiet and free in the bedroom: my aunt gave me a set of clothes as my birthday gift.

I love this A gift is made of soft material. The main color is green. I love green because green represents health and the beauty of the environment it looks like.

It's cool in summer and winter. It makes people feel life. There are two pockets on my pants, but I never put anything in them.

A: no, can you tell me how to get to the nearest cinema? I'd like to go to the cinema now. B: go down this street, turn left at the third intersection and go straight ahead. Then at the first corner, you can see the theater on the right.

It takes you about a few minutes to walk a: Thank you very much. B: I don't like your time in the theatre at all (): the day after tomorrow, I will visit XX Museum in Beijing first. I'll buy a ticket to Beijing this afternoon.

I'll pack my bags when I get back. Then I'll get up early the day after tomorrow to catch the train. If I get to Beijing early, I'll go directly to the museum, or I'll stay in a hotel until the next day.

I hope I'll have a great trip Cheng: Harry is my best friend. He has a good temper. I want to describe him in detail so that you can get to know him better.

From his energetic eyes, you can feel his noble, kind and active. When you are in a bad mood, his red mouth is always ready to say something that can make you feel better. Roman nose is the most prominent feature of his behavior He's interested in me.




What I love most is my grandmother. When my sister and I were born, my grandmother came to our house and helped my mother take care of us during that time. My mother went to school in Qingdao.

Because my father was very busy, and most importantly, a man came to take care of us. We were all self-made grannies, so we were very grateful to my grandmother for her kindness and deepest impression on me in kindergarten, The teacher asked us to take a parent to do physical work with cloth the next day. I told my grandmother about it.

She said yes. I went to bed at night, and my grandmother told me to sleep. I fell asleep very quickly.

I didn't know how to wake up that night and found out what grandma was still doing. I thought grandma stayed up too long, but after a while I fainted The next day I woke up to see a stick on the table, two big cocks tied to the clothes at both ends. The cock had a yellow mouth, a red comb like little red cap, a white body, and a tail made of colorful cloth.

I couldn't help but sigh: "grandma, you've done a good job. It's different from the natural flowers." one thing I was doing was moving. I was sleeping at night I have a bad habit.

I kick the quilt well when I sleep. When I get sick, I feel cold. When I wake up, I find that the quilt is well covered.

I want to cover my grandmother in the middle of the night. My grandmother really hurt me, so I like Grandma best.




My father is a gentle man, my father has a pair of small eyes, wearing a pair of glasses, looking more gentle, father's hair is not much, he said "smart head does not grow hair" Dad does management, but Dad usually never bureaucratic to talk to others, so his personal relationship is particularly good, just like doctors always talk, temperament is extremely gentle, never said beat, curse It's rare. The people who plan to scold are not big. Although sometimes they will be angry for a long time, they can't surpass him in one day or so.

The people who educate me must be honest, friendly and hardworking. This is my father. I love him forever.



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