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Lindsay's heartbroken confession (daughter to father) Lindsay Lohan's heartbroken confession (daughter to father) mvalitrlmtvcom I'm waiting for the good God to make me feel better. I'm carrying the burden of the world on my shoulders. A family in crisis will only grow old.

Why do you want to go? You have to know why you have to treat your father, daughter to father, I'm broken, but I hope daughter to father, daughter to father, I'm crying, part of me is dying, this Some, these are the confessions of a broken heart, I wear all your old clothes, your polo shirt, I dream of another one who will never (forever) leave me alone. You pick up the pieces, Dad holds me, this is what I need, so why do you have to do this? Why do you do this to your father, daughter to father? I don't know you, but I still want to tell my father, daughter to father, you loved me, because these are the repentance of broken heart. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, daughter to father, daughter to father, I don't know you, but I still want to tell father, daughter to father that you once loved me and that you once loved me was a heartbreaking confession Oh, yes Wait for a letter from the postman.


林赛心碎的忏悔(女儿对父亲)林赛·罗汉心碎的忏悔(女儿对父亲)MVAliTRLMTVcom YahooI等邮递员给我送来一封信我等着好心的上帝让我感觉更好,我把世界的重担扛在我的肩上一个陷入危机的家庭只会变老你为什么要去你必须要知道为什么你要对父亲,女儿对父亲,我破碎了,但我希望女儿对父亲,女儿对父亲我在哭,我的一部分正在死去,这些,这些是一个破碎的心的忏悔,我穿你所有的旧衣服,你的马球衫我梦想着另一个永远不会(永远)离开我一个人的你把碎片捡起来爸爸抱着我,这就是我需要的,所以你为什么一定要这样?你为什么要这样对父亲,女儿对父亲?我不认识你,但我仍然想对父亲,女儿对父亲说实话,你曾经爱过我因为这些,这些是破碎的心的忏悔我爱你,我爱你你我爱你我爱你女儿对父亲,女儿对父亲我不认识你,但我仍然想对父亲,女儿对父亲告诉我你曾经爱我和你曾经爱我是一个心碎的忏悔哦,是的,等邮递员给我一封信,:)。


A lovely toddler, with the help of her professional photographer father, gave her mother a sweet and unforgettable birthday video and became an Internet celebrity. In a YouTube video, two-year-old Claire lists all the reasons why her mother is "the greatest mom." she stops occasionally and tries to count every one of her fingers. "Hi, mom, I just want to say happy birthday." she exclaims, "I want you to know that you are the best mom.

I love you for many reasons." Claire then lists all the reasons why she loves her mother From "numberone you are" "Beautiful" at first, the two-year-old is even more lovely, thanks to her bright yellow wrap dress and lovely little braided hair. Claire laughs and says, the second reason is: "you're amazing." every sentence she says shows how hard her father is. Daniel J.

edited the video "third, you're the best mother ever," she says Yelling, arms swinging back and forth with the inaccurate fourth number, Claire struggles to count out the four fingers on her hand. When she finally completes the feat, she says out loud, "you are the best cook," while opening her arms. When she says it to the camera, her mood changes slightly.

A voice from the bottom of her heart: "I like to be with you, you work So hard, when you go, I miss you "are you ready?" "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday tomorrow, happy birthday to you." at the end of the video, Claire approaches the camera and whispers sweetly, "I love you," then waves and blows a kiss and says, "goodbye.".


一个可爱的蹒跚学步的孩子在她的专业摄影师父亲的帮助下,给她妈妈一段甜蜜而难忘的生日视频而成为网络红人。在YouTube的一段视频中,两岁的克莱尔列出了她妈妈是“最伟大的妈咪”的所有原因,“偶尔停下来试着数数她手指上的每一个“嗨,妈妈,我只想说生日快乐”她惊呼“我想让你知道你是最棒的妈妈我爱你有很多理由我爱你”克莱尔接着列举了她爱妈妈的所有原因,从“Numberone You are beautiful”开始,两岁的孩子更可爱了,这要归功于她那鲜艳的黄色裹身裙和可爱的小辫子发型,克莱尔笑着说,第二个原因是:“你太棒了”她说出的每一句话之间的镜头都显示出她父亲是多么的刻苦,丹尼尔J,编辑了视频“第三,你是有史以来最好的妈妈,”她大声喊道,手臂来回摆动着不准确的第四个数字,克莱尔挣扎着数出她手上的四个手指,当她最终完成这一壮举时,她大声说:“你是最好的厨师”,同时张开双臂,当她对着镜头说的时候,情绪会有轻微的变化一个发自肺腑的声音:“我喜欢和你在一起,你工作那么努力,当你走了,我想你”“你准备好了吗?”“祝你生日快乐,明天生日快乐,祝你生日快乐”在视频的结尾,克莱尔靠近镜头,甜蜜地低声说:“我爱你,“然后挥手和吹了一个吻,说:‘再见’。


Life comes from life. The universe is created by love and love. The earth is also made up of love.

We experience her love in the rich support she gives us, such as the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. We realize the divinity of her unconditional love, so we call her mother earth, or some of us call her goddess, and we will It is important to realize that we are also born of universal love, so there is a sacred spark in each of us ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to celebrate a passage of life, a journey of love, into which Ariel and Martin chose to enter. They decided not only to be lovers, but also to be a family, to move from stage to stage of life, You have been invited to be the sacred material representatives to support their union.

Therefore, in order to make their new road a happy road, a road full of miracles and easy progress, whether we realize it or not, we have always been a family. Therefore, we deeply appreciate your presence, because we thank the goddess herself for being with us all the time. This celebration is not an end, but a beginning.

I will wish you and me a new marriage, but this is not an important ceremony. I will start my love in your new marriage life, and will not guarantee your new marriage life, because I believe that all other people's love will follow you in this place, just like selling goddess with you.


生命来自生命宇宙是由爱和爱创造的生命地球也是由爱构成的生命我们在她给予我们的丰富支持中体验她的爱,比如我们呼吸的空气,我们喝的水,我们吃的食物,我们认识到她无条件爱的神性,因此称她为地球母亲,或者我们中的一些人把她称为女神,我们也必须认识到,我们也源于普世之爱,因此在我们每个人身上都带着神圣的火花 女士们,先生们,我们今天在这里见证庆祝一段生命的流逝,一段爱的旅程,阿里尔和马丁选择了进入这段旅程,他们决定不仅仅是情人,而是一个家庭,从生活的舞台转移到另一个舞台,你们被邀请成为神圣的物质代表,支持他们的结合,因此,为了让他们的新道路成为一条快乐的道路,一条充满奇迹和轻松前行的道路,无论我们是否认识到,我们一直都是一家人,因此,我们深深感谢你的光临,因为我们感谢女神自己一直与我们在一起。这个庆祝活动不是结束,而是一个开始,我会祝福你和我的新的婚姻关系,但这并不是一个重要的仪式,我会在你的新的婚姻生活中开始我的爱情,也不会保证你的新的婚姻生活,因为我相信在这个地方所有其他人的爱都会随着你而去,就像卖女神与你同在一样。

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