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关于”更多的游客“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:More tourists。以下是关于更多的游客的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:More tourists

Some people look for opportunities in the rest of their lives. They have enough time, but they don't have too much money, so every day is long and even painful for them. Some people have a lot of money, but they always feel that time is unfair to them.

So they say: why am I busy all day? They want more free time and money, which is more important in our life. Different people have it for me Different views, I think we should divide this issue into two parts: young people, especially graduates, should earn more money to support themselves when they are young, and we should experience more different and challenging jobs. Then it is capital to find a suitable job to make money for young people.

Young people are more intelligent and have more energy. They are much better than the elderly in terms of making money Therefore, young people should use their character to make more money. When we are no longer young or married, we need more time to stay with our family.

If we have made enough money before, we will live more comfortable. Health is very important for everyone. We can't ignore our health because of making money.

It should be based on health There is no physical health. When we are no longer young, we have no life. We should allocate more free time to establish relationships with our families.

In short, money is important, but we should make more money. When we have enough time to study, time and money complement each other. We need to coordinate the relationship between leisure time and money and choose the most appropriate one Life style.




The more I take the exam, it seems that the more they take the exam, the more chances they will get to take the exam, just because they don't get a certificate, they just don't get a good chance They spend a lot of time and money preparing for the coming exam to pass. Some students even skip classes. Some certificates even have nothing to do with their major.

Second, students spend too much time on the text will definitely have a negative impact on their major. Most students spare no effort to pass the exam or even sacrifice their major courses. The most important thing is to master the specialty In terms of professional knowledge, they can reconsider the certificate after graduation from university.

However, it is equally important that more certificates do not mean more opportunities. Examinations can only prove that your score has passed the line, and it does not mean that you have the ability to have its advantages. However, it does not mean that students should spend their precious time on major subjects instead of blindly Follow others to take the exam, think twice before you act.




Life is full of choices. We have to make choices for many things, from what we eat for breakfast to what kind of life we like. When it comes to your ideal life, most people will have two answers: money and time.

In fact, which do you think is more important? The answer must be different. As far as I'm concerned, both options have advantages and disadvantages, because if you choose money in your life, you will lose time and bad habits. On the one hand, money can bring us a lot of things and bring us pleasure.

People often say that if you have money, if you have money, you can let the devil push your millstone. You can buy a lot of things you like and ask for many conveniences and services, such as houses, cars and massage. But when you spend most of your time making money, you have little time to enjoy your life, or even to take care of the people you love.

Therefore, people often say that money is not everything. With enough time, people can do whatever they want, such as fishing, traveling, studying, etc., they can have more time with their families and friends, in other words, they have more time to enjoy life, they have almost no money to do many things, they have to live in counting Their money can't buy what they want to sum up. For problems, money or time, we can't just choose one of them.

We'd better make a balance between them. Frankly speaking, there is no absolute balance, but we can try to make it more balanced.




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