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关于”与花有关“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:It's about flowers。以下是关于与花有关的高一英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:It's about flowers

As for flowers, I love flowers. I have planted many flowers on my bald flowers. Tulips and lilies are my favorite flowers.

They have different colors and smells, but their leaves are the same color. They are always green. Different flowers have different meanings.

For example, rose stands for love, and flower represents peace. When you fall in love with someone, you can give him or her a bunch of roses to some extent Flowers represent the culture of a region or country.




Rosa is a deciduous shrub of Rosaceae. There are purple flowers and two white flowers on the spiny stems of Rosaceae. The shape of the rose is generally used as food raw materials such as preserves, pastries and petals.

It is a medicinal root with many medicinal uses. There are problems with myrtle shrub. The stem has several spines, single leaf and feather alternate, and the leaflet is connected to the petiole by cm.

It is oval or oval in shape, cm long, cm wide and round The apex is obtuse or acute, the base has round or wedge-shaped width, the edge has sharp serration, the upper part is glabrous, dark green, depressed vein, wrinkled, the lower part is soft gland and hair, petiole is villous axis, sparsely small stem and thorn, stipule is mostly attached to petiole, there is a regular thorn at the base edge of petiole gland, in front of petiole, a single flower or flower axillary, bract is generated Petals ovate, margin with glandular hairs, pedicel mm long, dense and glandular hairs, flower diameter of CM, with soft sparse hairs, dense glandular hairs and soft hairs below. Corolla is bright and purple. Pedicel glands are fragrant.

Rosette is oblate, red when ripe, most of them have achenes, small sepals.




There was no one on the bench in the most beautiful flower park. I sat down to read under the branches of an old willow tree. The old willow's fantasy of life was disillusioned.

I had reason to frown, because the whole world wanted to drag me down. If this was not enough to ruin my day, a little boy who was out of breath approached me. He was very tired and stood in front of me with his head bowed, "I found a flower in his hand.

It's a poor sight," he said excitedly. "The petals are not worn enough rain, or there is too little light. I want him to take his dead flower out and play.

I pretend to smile a little, then turn around, instead of him retreating back, sitting next to me, putting the flower on his nose and saying in surprise," it smells It's fragrant and beautiful. That's why I picked it here. It's for you The weeds before me were dead or dead, no bright colors, orange, yellow or red, but I knew I had to accept it or he might never leave, so I reached for the flower and he replied, "that's what I need." But instead of putting the flower in my hand, he held it in the air for no reason or plan.

It was then that I noticed for the first time that the lazy boy couldn't see: he was blind, I heard my voice trembling, tears glistening like the sun, thanking him for choosing the best one. "You're welcome," he laughed, and then ran to play, not knowing how he affected me. I sat there wondering how he saw a self pity woman under an old willow tree.

How does he know about my self abandonment dilemma? Maybe from his heart, he got real vision from a blind man's eyes. I finally understood that the problem was not in the world. The problem was in me.

During my own blind time, I vowed to see beauty and cherish every second that belonged to me. Then I held the withered flower to my nose, breathing the fragrance of a beautiful rose Smiling at the young boy, another weed in his hand is about to change the life of an unsuspecting old man.




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