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关于”孟母“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Mencius mother。以下是关于孟母的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Mencius mother

When it comes to the issue of whether parents' attitude towards solving adolescent problems is the key determinant of children's personality development, different people may have different opinions. I think if parents do well, parents can actually play an important role in the child's upbringing and personality development, and they may be better at helping children solve the problems they face Opportunity to be an independent, social person. The reasons are as follows: Mencius is not only famous for his rich knowledge, but also it is said that Mencius' mother moved their house from the cemetery to the market for three times and found a suitable place for Mencius to grow up.

Mencius' mother actually helped Mencius' personality development. If Mencius's mother didn't care what kind of environment Mencius had lived in, she didn't care what kind of environment Mencius had lived in What to do, there will not be a Mencius that we respect today. Idioms refer to the importance of parents often looking for a suitable environment for their children's growth.

We have heard that many s commit or attempt . These people not only bring sorrow to their families, but also have a negative impact on society. Many studies have shown that the attitude of parents to solve adolescent problems has a great impact on their children.

In other words, the way they look at problems and what happens in their life will be influenced by their parents. Therefore, if parents can solve the problems of agers well, children will have more confidence in facing problems or challenges. In a word, based on the reasons I discussed earlier, parents should really pay attention to discovering and solving adolescent problems, and guide their children on the right path of life.

In this way, children will have a better chance to become independent people and be able to face every problem or challenge instead of trying to escape.





Mencius was three years old and raised by his mother. He lived in Fan Village, which is miles north of Ma'anshan City, Zou County, Shandong Province. The village is not far from a cemetery.

In a funeral parlor, people often pass through Mencius. Now people imitate Mencius. After seeing Mencius, his mother thought that "this is not my son", so he moved his family to the village house in the north of the city, but the barracks were in the streets There was a butcher killing pigs in the East.

Mencius was just like a butcher. Learning and playing all day long, Meng's mother thought it was not conducive to the cultivation of children, so she moved to the "extended yard". That is to say, the outer son of the South Gate thought that the county Academy was built.

From then on, Mencius was forced to be Doushu Sheng Lang Lang de attracted Meng Mu Xi, and Mencius was sent to expand his reading. He studied hard and finally entered the intellectuals. We should also study hard..


孟子泪xx岁,由其母抚养长大,住在山东邹马鞍山城北英里处,村里名叫凡村,村里离一个坟场不远,在一个殡仪馆里经常从孟子的人群中经过,而现在人们都会模仿孟子,孟母看到后,认为“这不在我儿子也”,便举家迁往城北乡间宅门的营房却在这里街头巷尾相当热闹,东边住着一个屠夫杀猪,孟子就是屠夫的样子,学着,整天玩孟母觉得还有不利于培养孩子,于是又搬到了“扩建的院子”里,也就是说,南门外子以为县里书院从此,mencius被DouShuSheng LangLangDe吸引到孟母席,mencius被派往扩大阅读,他勤奋学习,最后进入知识分子我们也要认真读书。。


Mencius mother first informed his mother that Mencius was young and his father died. His mother Zhang's banquet was very close to some of Mencius's funeral places. The mother thought that "this place is not suitable for children to live in" was on the left.

The whole family moved to the street, from slaughtering sheep to nearby places. Mencius learned something to do business and slaughter. The mothers thought, "this "The place is not suitable for children to live in." the school next to the palace moved in turn.

From the beginning of this month, they began to enter the temple officials, bowing, pursuing advance and retreat. After meeting Mencius, one by one, they thought of his mother: "this is the place where children live." it is said that Mencius settled here. Mencius played truant when he was a child.

His mother took over the broken thread and cut the loom and said to him, "if If you don't learn, they will also be like these broken things. This is no cloth. "From then on, Mencius' mother, who studied Mencius ditly and eventually became a famous scholar, did not add sticks, forced his son Raymond, did not maltreat her son, and industriously founded the country to spread rumors.

Instead, she" trained "Mencius, who once taught her children wisely today, has also highly praised my generation.



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