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关于”他的家人“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:His family。以下是关于他的家人的八级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:His family

In the class I taught, I recently did an unforgivable thing. I gave the class homework. The task is to find the person you love in the next week and tell them that you love him.

It must be someone you have never said these words before, or at least someone who has not shared these words with him for a long time. It doesn't sound like a very difficult task until you stop Recognizing that most people have grown up, they are taught that it's impossible to express emotions without being manly, to show feelings or to cry and thank God, so at the beginning of our next class, this is a very threatening task for some people, and I asked if anyone would like to share what happened to them and tell others that they love them / me completely One of the women was expected to volunteer as usual, but this evening, one of the men raised his hand. As he unfolded from his chair, he looked very moved and trembled.

He began to say, "Dennis, when you gave us this assignment last week, I was very angry with you. I didn't think I had anyone to say that to me, and besides, who made me do something personal? 8 but as I drove home, my conscience began to say to me, I know exactly who I need to say I love you. A few years ago, my father and I had a bad time We haven't settled the drug dispute since then, unless we have to meet at Christmas or other family gatherings, but even then, we seldom talk, so when I came home last Tuesday, I was sure I was going to tell my father that I love him.




It's his fault. Billy and Bob are brothers. They often quarrel.

Last Saturday, their mother said to them, "I'm going to make lunch now. Go out and play in the garden and behave well." "yes, mom," the two boys replied. They went out and played in the garden for half an hour.

Then Billy ran into the kitchen. "Mom," he said, "Bob broke a window in Mrs. arence's house Hu "" he's a bad boy, "his mother said," how did he break it? "" I threw a stone at him, "Billy replied." he got away quickly.





Everyone has their own idol when they are very young. They adore idols very much. They dream of being as powerful as them one day.

But only a few people can achieve this goal. The young talented swimming star Joseph Phelps defeated his idol Michael Phelps, which shocked almost everyone in the world to know Michael Phelps. He is the greatest in the world One of the men's swimmers, Mikhail is a legend.

He won the gold medal in the last Olympic Games. Although he is not young, he is still at the top of the list when everyone is ready to cheer for Michael to win his third gold medal. A young man overtook Michael and finally defeated the great man in the result of the competition, all over the world Shocked, Michael won the second place, and the first place was replaced by an unknown person, Joseph scullins.

He won the first Gordon medal for Singapore in an interview. He told people that Michael was his idol when he was very young. How crazy he was to defeat his idol.

The power of idol made the boy successful.



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