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关于”花的世界“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:The world of flowers。以下是关于花的世界的高一英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The world of flowers

(Aladdin:) I can show you the world (Aladdin:) shine, shine, shine (Aladdin:) tell me, princess, now (Aladdin:) for the last time, you let your heart decide when (Aladdin:) I can open your eyes (Aladdin:) and take you one miracle after another (Aladdin:) on the journey of the magic carpet (Aladdin:) A new world (Aladdin:) a new fantasy Perspective (Aladdin:) no one told us no, where to go (Aladdin:) or we were just dreaming of a new world (Jasmine:), a dazzling place I never knew (Jasmine:), but when I was here, it was obvious (Jasmine:) Flower:) now you and I are in a new world (Jasmine:) unbelievable sight (Aladdin:) incredible sight (Jasmine:) indescribable feeling (Jasmine:) soaring, rolling, flying freely in the boundless diamond sky (Jasmine:) (Jasmine:) a new world (Aladdin: Don, you dare not close your eyes)( Jasmine:) there are 100000 things to see (Aladdin: don't breathe better) (two:) I'm like a meteor, I've come so far (Jasmine:) I can't go back to where I used to be (Aladdin:) a whole new world (Aladdin:) a new vision to pursue (both:) I'll be anywhere Let me share with you this whole new world (Jasmine:) a new world (Aladdin:) a new world (Jasmine:) (Jasmine:) a new and wonderful view (both:). No one tells us where to go (Jasmine:) or that we are just dreaming (Aladdin:) a whole new world (Jasmine: a surprise every time) (Aladdin:) have a new vision to pursue (Jasmine: the scarlet letter every moment) (two:) I will hunt them wherever I have time (Jasmine:) anywhere (Aladdin: let me share this new world with you (Jasmine: with you) (Jasmine:) a new world( Aladdin:) a whole new world (Jasmine:) that's where we're going (Aladdin:) we're going to have a thrilling chase there (Aladdin:) a wonderful place (two:) ending for you and me.




Farmers all over the world know the importance and permanence of seasons. They know that there is a season for sowing and there is a season for harvest. Everything must be done in their own time.

Although the rain is pouring down mercilessly and all outdoor activities are stopped, people in the field raise their faces. Despite the inconvenience, he still smiles. He knows that rain provides crops with what they need to grow Nutrition makes April's rainstorm flourish.

In this may, this ancient truth not only applies to the crops in the field, but also is an inestimable hope for all who have experienced the tragedy of life. Here, lost jobs offer better job opportunities. A broken dream can be the foundation of a better future.

Place to remember: overwhelming darkness may last for a night, but when you are in the season of sadness, it can never overcome the brilliance of the morning and hold on, because the season of joy is just around the corner.





My grandfather likes to plant flowers very much. Our family is a world of flowers in full bloom. There are flowers in our yard all year round.

He loves them and I can touch them without his permission. Sometimes I thought he liked flowers better than I did, but after a flower watering accident, I changed my mind. It was an unexpected cold winter day.

I walked out of the room and found everything covered with snow. How beautiful it was. Then I noticed that the flowers were also buried in the snow.

They must be very cold. Why not pour some hot water on them? As soon as I had this idea, I rushed into the room and slowly gave the flowers Watering, carefully seeing the snow melting, I felt very happy. I could even imagine my grandfather's praise falling into meditation.

I watered my feet. I cried. They came out to see what happened.

I noticed that my grandfather's face turned red. He raised his hand as if he wanted to hit me. I was very scared.

Tears ran into my eyes, but my hand didn't touch me. My grandfather pulled me into his arms and held me I went into the room and with my grandfather's help, I came to see what a stupid thing I had done. The flowers watered with hot water would surely die, but I promised my grandfather that I would plant more flowers for him next year and the day after tomorrow.



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