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关于”读书的感悟“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Reading comprehension。以下是关于读书的感悟的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Reading comprehension

As far as I am concerned, I am a girl who loves reading. If a person does not read books, reading can cultivate our understanding ability and expand our vision. It may be difficult for him to express his thoughts in words.

I think we should read constantly in the text to keep up with the development of this society. First of all, a girl who is interested in reading has the responsibility to let others realize the importance of reading.




As the saying goes, no matter how much we have experienced, when we started school as a child, we can't enrich our knowledge without reading. We should know the important value of reading to our life. First of all, reading is a good and convenient way for us to enrich our knowledge and broaden our horizons.

Therefore, we can get more knowledge and information, and it is better to read widely and diversely. In other words, we should not only actively read books related to our major, but also spend some time roughly reading other books, so that we can acquire a wider range of knowledge and broaden our horizons. Second, extensive reading is to expand our thinking and shape our personality.

As we read more, we are easier to think creatively and logically Understanding people and the world makes it easier to be an ideal person. As the saying goes, good books are like the smart and kind people of the last generation. They support me to move forward and help me understand.

Last but not least, compared with other forms of entertainment, reading is still a good choice for relaxation and entertainment. Reading is more convenient and quiet. Reading is of great significance in our life.

We should cherish the opportunity of reading and read more books.




"Books are the ladder of human progress." I love reading. I think: reading, unlike some people, should pay attention to reading. It is an aesthetic process that only pursues bright and typical reading process.

We should devote ourselves to the reading that is not affected by the environment. The more dead people read, the better they will read. Reading is a kind of enjoyment that I need most in my life.

Reading is the pleasure of reading It can stimulate my desire for knowledge, and it can also stimulate my desire for knowledge. A book, its rich and colorful content and knowledge, will be screened in wisdom. Whenever I see newer and more scientific content, I will remove the content of the book and inculcate new knowledge, "bronze mirror is a mirror, history is a mirror, tianzhimu is a mirror, spring and autumn is a mirror, broken book is a mirror, that's true My "reading" refers to drinking.

Things like wine are pure and warm, and the longer they are, the sweeter they are. "This sentence comes from the time stop symbol used in the years of classic children's literature. In the book, it is like a classic that has been constantly renewed in the ups and downs of the years.

This is my favorite book, the circulation of years, perception. It still makes me feel what this great literary work tells me The method before the change, that group of books worth reading: smile, sigh, pain, anger, bitterness, the product book of feeling the modal scene is an indispensable part of reading, the product is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the product really is.



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