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关于”中最后一段的作用“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The role of the last paragraph in。以下是关于中最后一段的作用的四级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The role of the last paragraph in

Dear Professor price: as a professor, consultant and friend, you have done so many things for me. I dare ask you to do better. I have to do so.

So you are willing to provide a reference for me when I apply for a job. As you know, I want to join a financial services institution in St. Louis.

In fact, I have interviewed three companies, and each of them has asked me to be in you To provide references where possible, I will have the following contact you: John Brunswick, St Louis federal bank, Muriel Howard, vice president of credit services, Clayton Bank and trust Leslie Rubin, President of the southern county credit union, know how busy your schedule is at this time of year, and I'll call your office later next Wednesday afternoon to see if you can talk to these people. Thank you in advance for taking the time and helping you wholeheartedly. Welcome to our club, ladies and gentlemen.

First of all, on behalf of our English club, please allow me to extend our heartfelt welcome to you. We have been looking forward to it for a long time. Today is a wonderful day.

Today is a wonderful day. I want to introduce my club to you because I want to Many English learners are familiar with our club. If you want to know English native speakers, please join us.

If you want to speak English accurately and fluently, please join us. If you want to find the most attractive aspect of English, please join us We, please join us, I sincerely hope you can enjoy your English learning trip, thank you for your sincere Li Ming's address in it) salute, sir, dear sir, my dear Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, dear Mr, dear Mrs, dear Mr. davimi, dearest davimi, dear davimi dear Your sincere love from your dear Professor Wang shunzi.


尊敬的普赖斯教授:作为教授、顾问和朋友,你为我做了这么多事情,我敢要求你做得更好,我必须这样做,所以你愿意在我求职时为我提供一个参考,正如你所知,我想参加圣斯地区的一家金融服务机构事实上,我已经采访了三家公司,每一家都要求我在您允许的情况下提供推荐人,我将让以下人员与您联系:John Brunswick,St Louis Federal Bank Muriel Howard,信贷服务副总裁Clayton Bank和相信莱斯利·鲁宾,南县信用社社长,知道你每年这个时候的日程安排有多忙,我会在下周三下午晚些时候打电话给你的办公室,看看你是否能和这些人交谈。我提前感谢你抽出时间来,并衷心地帮助你,詹妮弗·劳伦斯欢迎来到我们的俱乐部女士们先生们,首先,请允许我代表我们的英语俱乐部向大家表示最衷心的欢迎,我们期待已久,今天是美好的一天,今天是美好的一天,我想向你们介绍我的俱乐部,因为我想为你们留下最美好的回忆,让你们发现我们的俱乐部,定期组织各种活动,满足学员的需求,是许多英语学习者所熟知的,如果您想认识以英语为母语的人,请加入我们,如果您想说英语不仅准确而且流利,请加入我们,如果您想发现英语中最吸引人的方面,请加入我们,请加入我们,我真心希望你能享受你的英语学习之旅,谢谢你真诚的李明在里面的地址)敬礼)先生,亲爱的先生,我亲爱的先生,先生,先生,先生,先生,先生,亲爱的先生,亲爱的夫人,亲爱的戴维米先生最亲爱的戴维米亲爱的戴维米亲爱的戴维米亲爱的我亲爱的王教授林博士的信的正文你是如何赞美你的真诚的你的忠实的你的忠实的你的真诚的你的尊敬你的你的顺从的你的你的曾经你的永远你的敬爱您的爱子(孩子,姐姐您忠实的朋友签名李明)。


I'm very glad to meet you here today. First of all, let me introduce myself. My English name is Charles.

I want to discuss the topic of tutoring. Now, Chinese children often get help from their parents in their homework, but now many students also get help from tutors. In the past ten years, the number of tutors has increased greatly.

A recent survey shows that about% of the students have tutors. People have different attitudes towards tutoring. Some people hold a positive attitude towards it, because tutoring can help children overcome difficulties by reviewing old knowledge and preparing new courses.

Some parents choose tutoring because they are worried that their children will not learn enough knowledge in school, or their children may need to learn from each other More difficult jobs offered by schools. On the other hand, many parents, due to different reasons, miss the opportunity to receive a good education. When their children encounter difficulties in learning, tutoring is the only solution.

Because tutoring is usually one-to-one, he clearly knows the strengths and weaknesses of students. However, every coin has two sides. Although the above view sounds reasonable, some people also learn from it Their point of view is negative, tutoring will only increase the financial burden of parents and children, too much tutoring will affect the normal learning of children, it takes up too much time of students, so that they can hardly find enough time to rest and entertainment, and this is very important for other teachers, busy from one family to another family, often Neglecting their teaching responsibilities.

In my opinion, tutoring has advantages and disadvantages. Moderate tutoring can help children improve their learning ability, especially those who lack self-learning ability. However, excessive tutoring may make children rely too much on themselves to solve problems.

Therefore, we should seek the help of tutors when necessary. Only in this way can our generation grow up healthily.





With the rapid development of high technology, more and more new technologies have been created and come into our daily life. People have different views on this. Now let's look at what changes high technology will have on different people.

The second and third paragraphs (possible): the main content of this is the good and bad views on different people, Last paragraph: my views and conclusions.



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