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关于”写鲨鱼“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:About sharks。以下是关于写鲨鱼的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About sharks

There are almost different types of sharks, but only about a few are reported to attack humans. Most people know that the most erous shark is the great white shark, mainly because they have seen the movie great white shark. However, there are two kinds of sharks that are very fierce.

They are tiger shark and bull shark. Compared with other ers, they are less likely to be attacked by sharks. More people drown in the sea every year than are bitten by sharks.

The small number of attacks per year proves that sharks don't feed on humans. If they have a choice, there are three types of shark attacks, mainly the so-called "hit and run" shark attack, because it thinks you are a fish, but when it tastes human, it will not eat you, and the second is called "hit and bite" shark hitting you to determine whether you are suitable for being eaten, If it thinks you are the third type, it will bite you, if it thinks you are the third type, then this attack is called "sneak attack". Sharks wait for you to swim by, and then suddenly attack you.

The latter two attacks are more likely to be fatal to humans. If you follow the advice below, you will be less likely to be attacked by sharks. Do not swim in the dark.

Sharks can still be seen Come to you, but you can't see them. Don't swim if you're cut or fresh. Sharks can smell blood over a long distance.

Don't wear bright clothes or jewelry because sharks are attracted to colors and shiny objects. Try to stay with a group of people, because sharks usually avoid large numbers of people recently. As water sports become more popular, sharks can smell blood from a long distance There are more and more attacks.

If a shark attacks you, try the following tips to help you. Don't panic. Hit the shark's nose.

Put your finger in the shark's eye. Don't be frightened by the shark, because the chance of being hit by lightning is many times greater than that of a shark.





Sharks and Sharks Kill sharks together is the most erous behavior, because people think that sharks are the most erous animals. At least they will kill sharks. Compared with shark attacks, sharks don't kill on purpose.

The ocean is the home of sharks. Every time you go to the sea to surf or do anything, just be careful of sharks. In fact, you are taking risks.

Sharks serve human beings. We all need to respect nature more For it naturally maintains our way of life, the earth is like this, after all, a living entity.




How long have sharks been around? Fossil records show that the ancestors of modern sharks swam across the ocean millions of years ago, them older than dinosaurs. They are considered to be the first vertebrate to have a complete mandible. They are considered to be the first vertebrate to have a complete mandible in the process of small changes in sharks.

Unlike teleosts, teleosts have cartilaginous skeletons with five or more gill slits on each side of the head. In contrast, teleost fish have bony bones and a single gill covered elastic cartilage animal, including sharks, rays and skaters. Sharks have bones, and sharks and all other fish belonging to cartilage fish lack real bones, but, to be more precise, what is the life span of cartilaginous sharks, while many sharks have different life expectancy data, and the maximum age does vary from species to species.

Some sharks, such as Mustelus, have different lifespan While other sharks, such as lamna nasus, may live as long as the largest whale shark, the fish in the world may live for a few years. Shark skin feels like sand because it is made of tiny teeth called lamellar scales (also known as dermal denticles). These scales point to the tail, which helps to reduce the friction between the shark and the surrounding water when swimming.

If someone rubs the skin from the head to the tail, the skin in the opposite direction will feel very smooth. When the shark grows, it feels very rough, just like sand. The flat scale will not increase, but the shark's scale will be more and more.

Carcharhinus Falciformis) has a very small scale, giving people a "silky" feeling of shark sleep. It was once thought that all sharks must constantly swim to breathe, and can not sleep for more than a few minutes at a time. Oxygen rich water flows through the gills during exercise, enabling sharks to breathe.

However, some kinds of sharks do need to swim constantly, which is not correct for all sharks The breathing hole of the nurse shark can make the water flow through the gills and make it rest still. Sharks don't sleep like humans do, but have periods of activity and rest.



鲨鱼有骨,鲨鱼和所有其他属于软骨鱼类的鱼类都缺乏真正的骨骼,但是,更确切地说,软骨骨骼鲨鱼的寿命是多少,而许多鲨鱼的寿命数据却不尽相同,最大年龄确实因物种而异,有些鲨鱼,如光滑角鲨(Mustelus canis)可能只活几年,而其他一些鲨鱼,如孔比格鲨(Lamna nasus)的寿命可能与最大的鲸鲨(Rhincodon typus)一样长世界上的鱼可能会活上几年鲨鱼的皮肤摸上去像砂纸一样,因为它是由一种称为板状鳞片(又称真皮小齿)的微小齿状结构构成的。这些鳞片指向尾部,有助于减少鲨鱼游泳时与周围水的摩擦,如果有人从头部向尾部摩擦皮肤,则相反方向的皮肤会感觉非常光滑。当鲨鱼生长时,感觉非常粗糙,就像砂纸一样,平片状的鳞片不会增大,但是鲨鱼的鳞片越来越多。

丝鲨(Carcharhinus falciformis)的鳞片很小,给人一种“丝般”的触感鲨鱼睡眠它曾经被认为所有的鲨鱼都必须不断地游泳才能呼吸,而且每次不能睡觉超过几分钟,富氧的水在运动中流过鳃,使鲨鱼能够呼吸,而有些种类的鲨鱼确实需要不断地游泳,这对所有的鲨鱼来说都是不正确的护士鲨的呼吸孔能使水流过鳃,使其能够静止休息。鲨鱼不像人类那样睡觉,而是有活跃和休息的时期。

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