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Many people say that there is no shortcut to success, but I don't agree that there are many shortcuts to learning English, and one of the most effective shortcuts is learning strategies. For example, the more we learn, the more we forget, the more time we spend memorizing words and the quality of learning. The key is not to spend more time on each word, but to spend less time on each word, But remember more words.

If yoemember only half of the words a day, it's still better than remembering words and being able to remember all the words.




If you want to find the meaning of any word in the dictionary, you can find the meaning of any word in the dictionary. You can learn the difficult words from it. This will help you improve your English.

If you want to search the meaning of a word in the dictionary, you just need to see the first letter of the word, and then use this method to find the first three letters of the word, You'll find that the dictionary means a simple tool to help us pronounce. In communication, we need cooperative grammar. This book gives meaning to words that you can't understand, or it has a deeper meaning for a given word.

It also teaches the reader the correct syllable and pronunciation of the word. It also tells readers how words in a sentence are used in the official language of the English world, so it is important to learn it so that we can communicate with each other. A dictionary is very important to a person.

Learning dictionaries are used to refer to words or phrases you don't know, you want to know what it means / it's easy to use a dictionary, just find the first letter of the word you want to know and search for it and read it page by page until you find the word or phrase and read its meaning.





You should proofread the article and correct the wrong words according to the following method, mark out the wrong words and write the correct words in the space provided at the end of the damaged words, marked with a symbol The position of the missing word, and the missing word in the word provided at the end of the space, write an unnecessary word, and cross out the unnecessary word with a slash. Put the word in the blank at the end of the line.



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