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关于”喜欢的广告语“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Favorite advertising language。以下是关于喜欢的广告语的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Favorite advertising language

Lemon & Paeroa, also known as L & P, is a sweet soft drink produced in New Zealand. Traditionally, lemon juice is mixed with carbonated mineral water from the town of Paeroa. It is now produced by the multinational company cocacola.

Lemon & paeoa can only buy New Zealand natural ice cream and other products in New Zealand (as well as New Zealand stores and other stores in Australia). The contradictory advertising slogan "New Zealand is world famous" has become a New Zealand catchphrase, meaning that it is very famous in the local area, but it has not been recognized as it should be. For many years, people have been trying to change the market, such as L &P dry added the artificial sweetener aspartame to "sweet as L & P", and the advertising slogan of aspartame was changed to "world famous in New Zealand recently", and the current advertising slogan of traditional products was "world famous in New Zealand since ancient times".

Although L & P is now produced on the same line as other coca cola drinks, there is still an L & P kiwiana store and cafe in Paeroa.


Lemon&Paeroa,又名L&P,是一种在新西兰生产的甜味软饮料,传统上是将柠檬汁与来自Paeroa镇的碳酸矿泉水混合而成,现在由跨国公司Cocacola生产。Lemon&Paeroa只在新西兰(以及在澳大利亚的新西兰专卖店以及其他商店)才能买到新西兰天然冰淇淋等产品这一矛盾的广告口号“新西兰举世闻名”已成为新西兰一句流行语,意思是在当地非常有名,但却没有得到应有的认可,多年来,人们一直在尝试市场变化,如L&P dry在“Sweet as L&P”中加入了人造甜味剂阿斯巴甜的广告语改为“最近在新西兰举世闻名”,传统产品现在的广告语是“自古以来在新西兰举世闻名”。尽管L&P现在与可口可乐的其他饮料在同一生产线上生产,但在Paeroa仍有一家L&P Kiwiana商店和咖啡馆。


Language in advertising, as you can see, has penetrated into almost every possible field in the world. In addition to the beautiful pictures and famous movie or singer in the advertisement, language is the most important symbol carrier in advertising discourse. The study of language in advertisement can always reflect its influence on our modern life.

Here is a true story in my book In math class, our math teacher, Mr. Yang, wanted to know whether we understood the main purpose of solving this problem, so he seriously asked us: our goal is very fast, and almost all of us answered together: no caries, we suddenly burst into laughter, because as we all know, our goal is not caries, which is the language in toothpaste advertisements. This is just a joke, However, it proves that the language in advertisements has an obvious influence on our daily life.

The purpose of advertisements is to attract customers' attention and promote sales. A successful advertisement must be good at creating beautiful images through creative language expression. In this case, the toothpaste advertisement was undoubtedly successful, and this goal and the possibility of purchasing the brand toothpaste increased, because we could easily remember the vivid language in the advertisement when standing in front of the shelf.

Generally speaking, through many novel methods, advertising language has distinctive characteristics: concise, vivid and unique. It really makes our daily life more colorful and interesting, just as another advertisement says: the world is better because of you.





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