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关于”社交应用“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Social applications。以下是关于社交应用的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Social applications

Wechat is a new app that almost all people use on their mobile phones. You can have video chat at any time, and it's free. You can talk through this app.

It's very convenient. You can use the same app for people who live around you. But at the same time, people are addicted to it.

They can't do without it. People face to face To make matters worse, some people have been cheated and lost a lot of money in the app, so the app can be good or bad, depending on how you use it.




In fact, electronic devices have a more and more important impact on our lives. One of the most discussed problems is that the addiction caused by electronic devices is almost as important as the addiction caused by overdose and drug abuse. Apps, especially games, are often more attractive than other apps, even if they are not more important activities, such as socializing, studying and working, especially for teenagers, whose examples are not uncommon due to problems such as mental disorders caused by electronic devices.

Recently, a Korean couple spent too much time on virtual children online. They starved their children to death. The problems caused by electronic devices have become a serious problem worthy of world attention.

We should regulate ourselves, take our eyes off these seemingly interesting applications and games, and pay more attention to other aspects of life.




For me, face recognition is mainly used as a replacement password to log in to Samsung's Internet service, but I failed completely, even though I got out of my chair and squatted down with my face only a few feet away from the camera even the person in charge of Samsung's intelligent interactive online tutorial, ironically, this series of videos is called "keep it simple"; "keep it simple"; "smart touch remote control"; I'm better at intelligent remote control, which tries to get rid of the typical excessive buttons by using a touchpad, but I find that the response speed of this kind of touchpad is much lower than that of me Sometimes it's the best laptop touchpad to grab for the standard remote control that comes with the TV, and I prefer to use Samsung's smart remote app on my iPhone, which is responsive and functional like the iPhone in addition, both the remote control and the remote control are clumsy and inconsistent when entering information such as passwords, search terms, tweets and web addresses, because in many TV based applications, you have to peck out the letters on the screen keyboard. IPhone (and Android) remote applications are usually better twitteriphone smart hub this screen is separate from the main TV display and contains es applications and Internet features. It is not new, but has been improved.

It includes some Samsung based applications such as home photos and chat, children's games and learning applications, and fitness applications for sports videos and result charts. You can also download a third-party app from the built-in store with options. The smart hub has a small window on the screen that shows the TV program you are watching, but if it's annoying, you can't turn it off.

There's also a feature called "social TV," which combines a large TV window with a small screen to display a social network source TV).


对于我来说,人脸识别主要是作为登录三星互联网服务的密码的替代品,但我完全失败了,即使我离开椅子蹲下,脸与相机仅几英尺之遥 即使是负责三星智能交互在线教程的人,在具有讽刺意味的是,这一系列视频被称为“保持简单”;“保持简单”;“智能触摸遥控器”; 我在智能遥控器方面运气更好,它试图通过使用触摸板来摆脱典型的过多按钮,但我发现这种触摸板的响应速度远远低于我有时为电视附带的标准遥控器而抓取的最好的笔记本电脑触摸板,而且更喜欢在我的iPhone上使用三星的智能遥控应用程序,它反应灵敏,功能相同iPhone 此外,输入密码、搜索词、tweet和网址等信息时,无论是遥控器还是遥控器都很笨拙,而且前后不一致,因为在许多基于电视的应用程序中,你必须在屏幕键盘上啄出字母iPhone(和Android)的远程应用程序通常更好 TwitteriPhone 智能集线器 这个屏幕与主电视显示器分离,包含ES应用程序和互联网功能它不是新的,但已经改进了它包含一些基于Samsung的应用程序,如家庭照片和聊天程序、儿童游戏和学习应用程序,以及用于运动视频和结果图表的健身应用程序。您还可以从包含选项的内置商店下载第三方应用程序,智能集线器的屏幕上有一个小窗口,可以显示您正在观看的电视节目,但如果它很烦人,就无法关闭它还有一个称为“社交电视”的功能,它将一个大的电视窗口与一个小屏幕显示的社交网络源(Social TV)包裹在一起。

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