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关于”靓丽是我的好朋友“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Liangli is my good friend。以下是关于靓丽是我的好朋友的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Liangli is my good friend

Some people think that it is cruel to experiment with animals, while others think it is good for the development of science. We often say that animals are our best friends. However, in real life, we are often selfish.

We often torture or even sacrifice our friends' lives for some selfish reasons to betray this friendship. Vivisection, or animal experiment, is one of the selfish behaviors we often show. First of all, I want to say that animals have feelings, thoughts and dignity.

Just like human beings, both scientific research and life experience have already proved this point to us: any knife wound on us will bring us great pain, facing the imposed on us Death, we will be scared out of our wits by groundless humiliation. When we realize that animals have such behavior, we will think of death. Some people may say that without vivisection, there will not be so many scientific discoveries.

Yes, it sounds reasonable. Yes, many scientific discoveries are made through animal experiments, but who dares to say that the world will stop without vivisection I'm afraid no one dares to say so, because human society will move forward forever, and many scientific discoveries are only a matter of time. It is undeniable that not all animal experiments are cruel.

Some simple and painless experiments can benefit human beings and other animals. For example, some aim to increase the number of enered species and provide opportunities for them to reproduce on the earth, so that they can share this beautiful world with mankind. Such experiments should encourage us not to change the past.

We only have the present, the future, and everything that has disappeared, including those animals that have made great pain for the progress of human science and technology, and even sacrificed their precious lives. But we should remember that we should consider other animals as well as our own interests.





(he is my good friend) my pet is a teddy bear. His name is Xiaobai. He is white.

He has blue eyes and blue ears. His hands and feet are also blue. He is naughty.

He likes to make fun of me. He likes to read books when I am not happy. He accompanies me.

He is my good friend.




Books and I are good friends. When I was very young, I could say that mom and dad began to give me some picture books and story books. She let me know how to read these books and told me the story books and pictures in the story books were so fresh for me.

Although they were thin and simple, they brought me a lot of interesting stories and knowledge. A little girl, a colorful world. At that time, my parents also bought me a lot of toys, but I only like books.

I always asked my parents for books and asked them to explain the contents to me. I always asked them a lot of questions: why birds can fly, why the sky is blue, why leaves are green, etc. my father told me that books are our good friends, they can help us answer questions, so I prefer reading books, I am eager to To get more knowledge, I have always regarded books as my best friend.

Now I am a middle school student. In my spare time, I read different books and learn many different, important and interesting knowledge every day. Books are the source of wisdom, the ocean of knowledge, and the steps of human progress.

Books are my loyalty. From her words, we can see how Mao weizhe learned from books Love books, she got a colorful world from her writing, she is becoming an active girl.



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