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关于”中背诵的作用“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:The function of Recitation in Chinese。以下是关于中背诵的作用的中考英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The function of Recitation in Chinese

Parents are the first education school for children, and parents are the first teachers for children's enlightenment. However, in the way of children's growth, what role should parents play? This is a question worth discussing. Parents should guide parents according to their children's talent and interest, and make use of guidance education as much as possible, so as to ensure that children have a correct growth direction The child's talent is acquired through culture and transformed into achievement.

The world-famous German poet Goethe, who grew up through good and planned family education, tells him a story every day. Whenever he mentions the key areas, he stops talking and asks himself to imagine Goethe's next story behind the plot. Let him say what he wants, and then repeat the training Methods, undoubtedly, cultivated Goethe's creative imagination and laid a solid foundation for his later script writing and novels.

The planned and purposeful training and education made Goethe a famous poet in the world. Therefore, I think there is a purpose for planned family education to cultivate children's high creativity.




Imagination is the ability of your brain to create an idea or picture in a creative imagination. You use your imagination to create a clearer image that you want. Then you continue to pay attention to the idea or picture and give it positive energy until it becomes reality.

Great imagination is the root of our being better than other species, because imagination, we can create If we invent and discover a new theorem without imagination, we will not have the development and progress of human beings to discover Einstein's theory of relativity, just because he can stick to it. A child's imagination, Newton's apple has fallen, and imagination of the scientific discovery of gravitation is because imagination infers the imagination of the earliest primitive fire based on current science, just like our ancestors and animals After a new life, all the food we eat is raw lightning, and the fire has killed many animals. For a period of time, our ancestors ran around in the forest, and some of them were burned to death.

As long as those animals were cooked and eaten together with the dead animals, we found that they were very good to eat. Cooked food can make the body absorb nutrition better and kill other animal parasites, Because the role of fire can reduce the occurrence of human diseases, increase the brain's absorption of food, looking at the guardian's flame, do you want to put out the fire is still going on? You want to use fire for heating, how to use your fire can start to imagine a lot of things, through the efforts to create words, language, technology, invent any new burning food to increase human physical fitness, other animals are afraid of fire A lot of people are interested in the unknown and begin to explore the road.




The movie "Spider Man" is very popular all over the world. It describes a little boy who happens to gain super ability. Then he puts on the clothes of spider and flies around the city.

But because his uncle who raised him is killed, the boy realizes that the greater the power and the heavier the responsibility, he starts to use his own strength to help people. He fights against the bad guys and saves people from various dangers Come out. The story tells the story of an innocent boy who has learned his responsibility and found his place in the world.

The positive side of Spiderman inspires children to find their own value.



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