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关于”我和我父亲的关系“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:My relationship with my father。以下是关于我和我父亲的关系的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My relationship with my father

My ideal family relationship my ideal family relationship is the relationship between me and my mother. I hope my father can join us and discuss my ideal with us. My father is an easygoing person.

We are like a pair of friends. I can be like a spoiled child, not now. He is just a non easygoing person and strict with my ideal father Pro, and the ideal family relationship.




After I went home, I went back to my room and saw that my father had never called home from work again. He himself was also a diameter and returned to his room to have a rest. When I was working, I seldom met with my father.

He never cared about me. Just like any time I wanted to buy something, he only gave me money to let me go shopping. What I needed was a father son relationship established by father's love rather than money My father, I want to say to you: I don't want us to have too much material wealth.

I can only take a time when I long for you to play with me.




He raised me as a reaction to his father, who not only linked my son to my father, but also my father to my father, and I doubt how many Harrington's fathers would have answered "Hello – o" if the phone rang when Harrington first stepped on the boat , the reason is very profound and too trivial. It tells me that for a period of time, my father and I did not speak and did not meet. I finally gave up my stubbornness and unexpectedly visited for two days.

We talked about all the things, but did not mention that we had not met in five years. When I left, I was as depressed as before, knowing that it was impossible to reconcile after two days. I received my father The only letter sent to me, he was a milkman, but the tone and rhythm of the letter - its emotion and simplicity may be my own - I know that if I let him write it again, I'll find more time with you - as if we'd never realized that, until now it's too late; it turns out that he's been watching me and we're leaving after our visit Out of the house - the moment I thought we'd lost each other hopelessly - he told himself that he wanted me to sit down and talk, that if we didn't, he might never see me again, but I just let you go, he wrote: I realized that his muscles couldn't move with the emotions I really needed.

You know, not long ago Matthew asked my son if he could As their father, right? It's not a small struggle, and my answer is cautious no, I said that sons can be like their fathers in some ways, but they can't be their fathers, they have to be themselves, Matthew won't hear these subtle things, sons can grow into their dads, he said provocatively, I can't argue that it makes me feel good ‰ I've been anxious all morning Matthew and I are leaving Arizona for home, and I'm determined to do something I've never done before; there's a time in every son's life when he hates those reminders that, despite his boastful personality, he's his father's son, you should also come to a moment - just like me - when these echoes call for an understanding, that's what The generation has become one and there is no threat, so just before my son and I went through the gate and boarded the plane, I leaned over and hugged my father and said I want you to know that I love you and I love you forever.


他把我养大是对他父亲的一种反应,他不仅把我的儿子和我的父亲联系在一起,而且还把我的父亲和父亲联系在一起,我怀疑有多少哈灵顿的父亲在我想到,如果电话在哈灵顿第一次踏上船的时候响起,他会回答说helll–o ,原因非常深刻,过于琐碎告诉我,有一段时间,我和父亲没有说话,也没有见面,我终于放弃了我的固执,出人意料地拜访了两天,我们谈了所有的事情,都没有提到我们五年没见过面了;我离开时就像我以前一样沮丧,知道两天后和解是不可能的我收到了父亲寄给我的唯一一封信,他是个送牛奶的人,但信的语气和节奏——它的情感和纯朴可能是我自己的——我知道,如果我让他再写一次,我会找到更多的时间和你在一起——似乎我们永远不会意识到这一点,直到现在已经太晚了;原来他一直看着我我们拜访完之后走出家门——就在我认为我们已经无可救药地失去了对方的那一刻——他告诉自己,要让我坐下来谈谈,如果我们不这样,他可能再也见不到我了,但我只是让你走了,他写道:我意识到他的肌肉无法随着我真正需要的情感而移动要知道,不久前马修问我儿子可以成长为他们的父亲,对吗?这是一个不小的斗争,我的回答是谨慎的不,我说儿子可以在某些方面像他们的父亲,但他们不能成为他们的父亲,他们必须是自己,马修不会听到这些微妙的东西,儿子可以成长为他们的爸爸们,他挑衅地说,我不能争辩说这让我感觉很好‰整个上午我都很焦虑,马修和我即将离开亚利桑那州回家,我决心做一些我从未做过的事情;在每个儿子的生活中,都有一段时间,当他憎恨那些提醒他,尽管他自夸的个性,他是他父亲的儿子,但是你也应该来到一个时刻——就像对我一样——当这些回响召唤出一种理解,那就是几代人已经融为一体,没有任何威胁,所以就在我和我儿子穿过登机门,登上飞机之前,我俯身拥抱我的父亲,说我要你知道我爱你,我永远爱你。

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