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关于”礼节与风俗“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Etiquette and customs。以下是关于礼节与风俗的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Etiquette and customs

The Swiss love to be clean. The taboos and etiquette, etiquette and etiquette of Swiss Society are basically the same as those of other western countries. Western countries understand the requirements in terms of customs and etiquette and do it correctly.

The communication between Switzerland will not become a problem. Switzerland's most spectacular scenery is the Jungfrau peak, which is the highest elevation in Europe. The climate around Switzerland is changeable, but the northern plateau is common The Southern Alps region has a Mediterranean climate with pleasant high temperature throughout the year.




When many tourists work abroad, they are not familiar with the local etiquette and etiquette. They inadvertently deviate from the living habits of foreigners. They wrote an article about the importance of etiquette when traveling abroad.

The importance of knowing how to behave when traveling abroad has become almost the same as remembering to take your passport. I would like to put forward two reasons why this is the first and the important thing is to recognize it We are not only lonely travelers, but also representatives of our country. British tourists have violated the local customs and habits of Spain in an impolite way, which is also an offence to the country.

Our nationality will be more remembered than our personal identity. People often say, "in Rome," do as the Romans do. "This means that tourists should act according to the habits of the local people.

We should regard ourselves as the guests of the host country, and the Chinese should be hospitable“ But what would we feel if our guests openly despised the past and present of our social civilization? It makes sense for us to drive these "friends" out of our homes. In a word, using local etiquette when traveling abroad helps to make a good impression on foreigners and reminds us that we are distinguished guests and should respect our hosts.) if we respect our neighbors, they will treat us in the same way. We should think of ourselves as diplomats representing our country Families learn about a country's values by integrating good things into our daily lives.

Learning from other people's etiquette shows that respecting them as a nation and individual is a two-way way way to understand their social customs and respond accordingly.




Now people's life is developing very fast. Many things have changed in the last century. The ancient buildings have occupied a place in our lives through skyscrapers, telephones, air conditioners, televisions, digital cameras, computers and the Internet.

We have entered the information age. We are always enjoying the latest digital products and all these high-tech products With more and more colorful life, they enjoy life more than ever before. They can watch movies, surf the Internet and take vacations.

What's the difference between the present life and the previous life? At that time, people can't even eat themselves, and there are great differences in transportation. All kinds of modern transportation have replaced people's feet and horses, and people can take airplanes and subways In other words, they provide people with a lot of convenience, so people don't have to worry about wasting a lot of time traveling. However, when people enjoy the changes brought by high technology, some things are the same, such as the traditional customs and festivals, especially the people's dining customs, as well as the ethical and cultural forms such as Beijing Opera and ancient times Traditional diet Beijing opera has been handed down in ancient buildings such as Siheyuan and Hutong.

People still keep it as a symbol of the whole nation's history and culture. Although the world has been highly developed and many foreign cultures have poured into China, people are still used to eating it. Traditional food is still the main stream.

Therefore, I think that although these high-tech products have brought unprecedented biological comfort and transmission The unified culture is unchangeable and the soul of the Chinese nation. It constantly creates miracles on the original basis.



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