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关于”难忘的事开头和结尾“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Unforgettable beginning and ending。以下是关于难忘的事开头和结尾的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Unforgettable beginning and ending

Speaking of my favorite childhood memory, there is no doubt that the baseball final I participated in was the best one in the second year of my stay in the United States. My language was much better. I could communicate with other students, and they knew me better.

Because I wanted to participate in various activities, the teacher recommended me to the school baseball team. I was nervous at first, although I faced discrimination But the team warmly welcomed me, which made me feel relaxed, because many of our old players were promoted to the middle school team. They didn't make it to the final last year.

The team was in a very low mood. Our coach, who is my PE teacher, decided to rearrange the team and let some new players join the team. He wanted me to try to catch the ball first, but I was not strong enough to do it So I ended up as a left fielder.

I don't think it's hard work, but training proved that I was too wrong. We had to practice long lobs, low fastballs and sprint balls, but it did work. We made it to the final, facing last year's champion, who beat us in the round before the final.

In all the games, I didn't make any mistakes, but I think everyone will have bad luck, so I made a fatal mistake, I missed my area, this should be my specialty, and they can score. I was disappointed when we came off, but everyone comforted me not to worry, I didn't feel the disappointment I expected, but my coach and our instructions Who's the pitcher and didn't say anything that made me nervous. At the end of the fourth round, when we came back from the court, we were down for about a few rounds, our subtitles called me, I went over to see what happened, he was adjusting his helmet for the attack, don't be too upset, he said, I don't know who he was, he said at first that he ran to the batter's box, you'll have good luck.




When I was studying in primary school, I didn't like learning English, because it always spent most of my time to remember what made me have no time to play with my friends. Therefore, I usually finished my English homework passively and carelessly. On the next day, I usually accepted the criticism from the English teacher for a long time, and I became more and more disliked to learn English even My English score was lowered in class, and I was often put in an absent-minded state, until one day, my English teacher told us a joke.

However, except me, every student laughed so much. Therefore, the teacher wondered why I didn't laugh. Finally, she asked about my physical condition and so on.

I couldn't bear to tell her that I hated studying English, because it takes too much time, she patiently told me that learning English does not need to spend a lot of time, I just need to divide the time into several parts to write down new words, such as going to the toilet, taking the bus and waiting in the back, trying to use my English learning method, I persisted for a period of time, my English score gradually caught up with my classmates, I know that even though Now English doesn't take up too much of my time. I still study every subject in this way.




A few years later, I still remember that, and I was afraid it would happen on my way to play. It was Sunday. I wanted to visit Maggie's house.

When I passed a river, I saw three children of my age playing in the river. They were so happy. I had an idea.

I wanted to ask Maggie to swim with me. Something terrible happened. Three children slipped and the other two wanted to help him.

Unfortunately, they were struggling. I was shocked and I rushed to the Bank of the river immediately, but I didn't see anything I know what's going on except for the calm river. I'm scared.

I hear their death a few hours later. I'm so scared and sad. I've never been to any river since then.



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