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关于”好钻井“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Good drilling。以下是关于好钻井的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Good drilling

However, due to the collapse of South Korea's shipbuilding and heavy cargo companies, many of the largest shipyards in South Korea have been engaged in heavy cargo business Industries, Samsung and Daewoo shipbuilding and marine Engineering is the world's three largest shipbuilding companies, controlling about% of the global market share. However, due to the more flexible income of oil and gas related ships, these companies are in relatively good condition (Hyundai Heavy Industry Samsung Heavy Industry Daewoo shipbuilding and ocean engineering company). In the first nine months of this year, global ship orders fell by% but Korean companies performed well Competitors from China and Japan as they continue to win orders for high-end oil drilling vessels, LNG carriers and offshore oil production facilities.

South Korea has won new orders, according to Clarkson, a shipping brokerage firm. Compared with China's billion dollars and Japan's billion dollars, China's value is $billion, while Japan's is $billion. However, even the large operators in South Korea are not immune to the sharp decline in the industry, and their profitability and balance sheet are also rapidly deteriorating, because although the profit margin of professional oil and gas packages is very high, it can not make up for it.

As the simple ships of China's three major shipyards can survive the long-term downturn, the backlog of orders for offshore equipment and drilling vessels accounts for half of its revenue Offshore equipment and energy related vessels performed relatively well. The drop in freight rates led to a sharp decrease in new orders. The net profit of the industry leader Hyundai fell by% in the second quarter.


韩国造船企业进行多元化经营以维持运营;韩国世界领先的造船集团正深入开展新业务,以应对多年来最严重的航运衰退;然而,由于集装箱船和干散货船需求的下降,许多韩国小型造船企业和中国竞争对手已经破产,现代重工(Hyundai Heavy Industries)、三星(Samsung)和大宇造船和海洋工程(Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering)是全球三大造船企业,控制着全球约%的市场份额,但由于石油和天然气相关船舶的收入更具弹性,这些公司的状况相对较好(现代重工三星重工大宇造船和海洋工程公司)在供应过剩的情况下,今年前9个月,全球船舶订单下降了%,但韩国企业的表现好于中国和日本的竞争对手,因为它们继续赢得高端石油钻井船、液化天然气运输船和海上石油生产设施的订单。韩国赢得了新的订单据船舶经纪公司克拉克森(Clarkson)称,与中国的亿美元和日本的亿美元相比,中国的价值为亿美元,而日本则为亿美元。然而,即便是韩国大型运营商,也无法幸免行业的大幅下滑,其盈利能力和资产负债表也迅速恶化,因为专业的油气套件虽然利润率很高,但无法弥补由于中国三大主要造船厂的简单型船舶能够度过长期的低迷期,其中离岸设备和钻井船的订单积压占其收入的一半左右,而两年前这一比例约为%离岸设备和与能源相关的船舶表现相对良好,运价下降导致新订单大幅减少,行业龙头现代第二季度净利润下降了%。


In today's economy, which is heavily dependent on oil, the rise of oil price will affect everyone. Oil is the foundation of modern life, the most important commodity in the world, and the oil we have to eat and starve for. At home, we are looking forward to where the world will be if oil suddenly disappears.

Without oil, what will our cities look like What will happen to our diet and way of travel? What will happen to us? Airplanes, trains, ships and other vehicles driven by fuel oil, and the power system is rapidly collapsing. There are blackouts all over the world, and the downtown areas are in a shortage of electricity. The world has become a spontaneous combustion coal power plant producing electricity.




In April this year, a semi submersible offshore exploration and drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico exploded after a blowout accident and sank two days later, killing 11 people and causing a large-scale oil spill, threatening the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Florida. The drilling platform is constructed by Transocean Ltd owns and operates on behalf of BP, which initially estimated that the leakage was about barrels per day, but later accepted the government's estimate that the daily leakage in April was at least barrels per day. BP said it would use all its resources to combat the oil spill.

In order to control the disaster, BP spent $7 million a day with partners in Brazil and Norway The two major oil producing countries do not use remote shut-off switches, which are not mandatory by U.S. regulators as a last resort to prevent underwater leakage. The U.S.

government has handed responsibility for the accident to BP and will hold it accountable for the costs it paid to summon Transocean, a BP executive, in Congress in May. Halliburton attended a hearing on the oil spill, and in investigating the answers to the explosion, each company blamed another BP, which accused it of owning a drilling rig Transocean of Taiwan, which in turn blames the rig operator and BP also blames Halliburton, oil company spokesman Tom Mueller said on Saturday that scientists have been asking for the right to monitor the actual amount of oil released each day, but "the answer is no," BP spokesman Tom Mueller said on Saturday 'we don't plan to make extra efforts to calculate the flow there right now, which has nothing to do with the response,' Mueller said on Saturday Werley) used particle image velocimetry (PIV) to analyze the video tapes of the leakage. It is estimated that the oil flow rate is between barrels per day and cubic meters per day, or the equivalent of Exxon Valdez oil leakage accident every few days per second.

According to the estimation, the smaller amount of leakage is M3 / D, which indicates that the total amount of leakage may exceed the number of barrels per day and become the largest in the history of the United States Big oil spill.


今年4月,墨西哥湾一座半潜式海上勘探钻井平台在发生井喷事故后爆炸,两天后沉没,造成11人死亡,并造成大规模石油泄漏,威胁到路易斯安那州、密西西比州、阿拉巴马州、得克萨斯州和佛罗里达州海岸。该钻井平台由Transocean Ltd代表英国石油公司拥有和运营,该公司最初估计泄漏量约为每天桶,但后来接受了政府估计的4月日泄漏量至少为桶/日的估计,英国石油公司表示,将利用所有资源与漏油事件作斗争,为了控制灾难,英国石油公司每天花费700万美元与合作伙伴合作,在巴西和挪威这两个主要产油国没有使用遥控关闭开关,作为防止水下泄漏的最后手段,美国监管机构并未强制要求使用此类装置。美国政府将事故责任交给了英国石油公司,并将追究其在5月份国会召集英国石油公司(BP)高管Transocean的费用,哈里伯顿公司参加了一场关于漏油事件的听证会,在调查导致爆炸事件的答案时,每一家公司都将责任归咎于另一家英国石油公司,后者指责拥有钻井平台的Transocean公司,后者又指责钻井平台的运营商,英国石油公司也指责哈里伯顿公司,石油公司发言人汤姆·穆勒(Tom Mueller)周六说,科学家们一直要求有权监测每天实际释放的石油量,但“答案是否定的”,英国石油公司发言人汤姆·穆勒(Tom Mueller)上周六说,我们现在不打算额外努力计算那里的流量,这与应对措施无关,普渡大学(Purdue University)机械工程副教授史蒂文·韦利(Steven Wereley)利用粒子图像测速技术分析了泄漏的录像带,估计石油流速在每天到桶到立方米/天之间,或者相当于埃克森·瓦尔迪兹每到几天每秒发生一次漏油事故,据估计,较小的泄漏量为每天释放桶数m3/d),这表明泄漏总量可能超过每天桶数,并成为美国历史上最大的漏油事件。

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