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关于”写苏炳添的小“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Writing about Su Bingtian。以下是关于写苏炳添的小的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Writing about Su Bingtian

Now, with the improvement of women's social status, more and more women have their own careers. Housework is not the only thing for women. This situation has caused a heated discussion about being a housewife or a professional woman.

Some people think that women should become professional women and only make money for themselves. They can have rights. Others do not agree with them.

They think that women should stay at home, take care of children and do housework like women. I firmly support the above reasons. On the one hand, if a woman is a housewife, she has no income, and she always needs to ask her husband for money, Maybe her husband's income is enough to support her family and he loves her very much.

She doesn't mind, but after a long time, she is not sure that her husband will not complain about her. He may think that he has a great contribution to the family, and he may ignore her contribution to the family. He can think that she just does some housework and does nothing, but now he is under too much pressure.

The domestic service industry is developing very well. We can hire a nurse. Many nurses are trained before starting work, so they may do better than ourselves.

I think gender equality is not just a slogan. As a woman, we should practice it. Work is not a man's business.

We should become a professional woman for ourselves and our family.





One day, three people bought a bottle of wine, but the wine was not enough. Each of them wanted to have a drink alone. Then they all agreed that each of them would draw a snake on the ground, and the person who finished painting first would get the wine.

So they began to draw snakes on the ground with sticks. He found that the other two were still busy painting. How slowly did you speak? He said I could even give it to me before you finished painting He put down the bottle and began to add feet to his snake, but it was not finished yet.

Another man took the bottle and said, "I finished drawing the snake without feet, so your snake is not a snake. After these words, he drank up the wine.".




As many women can prove, there is a difference between beauty and horror in makeup. Now, scientists have found that the right amount of cosmetics can not only affect the beauty effect, but also affect the judgment of ability and credibility, because they have a positive impact on the appearance and feeling, and a large number of cosmetics soon began to have a negative impact on the way people view personal honesty. In the study, funded by Procter & Gamble, scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston University and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute asked subjects to rate various looks in terms of ability.

According to the report released by plosoneorg, the researchers showed volunteers how to look "natural" and "professional" without makeup "We found that when people quickly saw a face, they were able to see a face quickly," Nancy etkov, an associate researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital and the lead author of the study, told ABC Women were considered to be more capable, likable, attractive and trustworthy participants found that both beauty and ability were on the rise, but with the increase in makeup, people quickly lost credibility or honesty. When people start to use more dramatic make-up, people think they are equally likable, more attractive and capable, but less trustworthy, "Etcoff's comments on news websites.


正如许多女性所能证明的那样,在化妆时,漂亮和可怕是有区别的。现在,科学家们发现,化妆品的适量不仅会影响美容效果,而且还会影响对能力和可信度的判断,因为它们对容貌和感觉都有积极的影响,大量的化妆品很快就开始对人们看待个人诚实的方式产生负面影响。在这项由宝洁公司资助的研究中,马萨诸塞州总医院、哈佛医学院、波士顿大学和达纳法伯癌症研究所的科学家们要求受试者从能力的角度对各种容貌进行评分,普洛索尼奥格(Plosoneorg)发布的这份报告称,研究人员向志愿者展示了不化妆、看起来“自然”、“专业”和“迷人”的女性照片,这些照片显示的时间长短各不相同;当这些照片仅显示几毫秒时,所有评分都会随着化妆量的增加而上升研究报告的主要作者、马萨诸塞州总医院的副研究员南希·埃特科夫告诉美国广播公司记者:“我们发现,当人们很快看到人脸时,所有的评分都随着不同容貌的化妆品而上升 女性被认为更有能力、更讨人喜欢、更具吸引力和更值得信赖 参与者发现,美貌和能力都在上升,但是,随着化妆品妆容的加重,人们很快就失去了可信赖性或诚实性。

当人们开始使用更具戏剧性的妆容时,人们认为他们同样讨人喜欢,更具吸引力和能力,但不那么值得信赖,“Etcoff对新闻网站的评论 (由Christine Mallari阅读Christine Mallari是中国日报网站的记者)。

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