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关于”写黄河污染“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:On the pollution of the Yellow River。以下是关于写黄河污染的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:On the pollution of the Yellow River

The Yellow River will continue to be yellow for thousands of years. The people of the Yellow River hope that one day after the founding of new China, China's water will become clear, and the Chinese government has worked hard to remove the sediment from the Yellow River. People realize that the Yellow River will not and does not need to become clear water.

The late expert on the Yellow River and director of the Yellow River Water Conservancy Commission, Liang Huayun, once summed up the experience of harnessing the Yellow River in the past few years as follows: since ancient times, people have hoped that the Yellow River can. However, now we know that the Yellow River can not become clear, and it does not need to be. Experts from the Yellow River Water Conservancy Commission pointed out that the Yellow River has always been in history It's yellow.

The North China Plain (beipingyuan) is a flat River, which is filled with silt carried by the Yellow River. Up to now, it is still creating land. The Yellow River Delta at the mouth of the Yellow River is the latest land on earth.

The sediment of the Yellow River contains rich minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If the sediment of the Yellow River is removed, the farmland will not be as fertile as the Yangtze River today. The Yangtze River is the largest river in China.

The Yangtze River is in the west of China. It is kilometers long. The Yellow River is kilometers long.

The Jinghe River is longer than the Yellow River. The Yangtze River is an ancient river. About a year.

The Yellow River has a history of several years. The Yangtze River is older than the Yellow River.






There is only one earth. Today's earth, due to the wanton destruction of human beings, her beautiful appearance has been full of problems. She is also the date.

The rich resources nearly dried up beautiful planet in the hands of ignorant people has become closer and closer to destroying our mother river Yellow River. Its surging momentum has conquered every Chinese descendant at that time. Who would have thought that every day It is the soil washed away by the Yellow River.

The vegetation in the upper reaches of the Yellow River is very rare. In addition, a large number of human felling, the rare vegetation bolts are a piece of red water. They dissolve into the turbulent river water, not only the river becomes dry, but also because of a large amount of sediment deposition, the river bed, resulting in flooding, the river dried up, mother lost the past beautiful existence, therefore, protection Forest green home, modern civilization has brought happiness to mankind, but behind the civilization, one after another air pollution problems, water pollution has become a problem that can not be ignored.

Sewage and waste gas discharged from factories have caused serious water and air pollution. Today, it is difficult to find a completely polluted river. Now it is hot weather every day Because of the destruction of the atmosphere on the earth's surface, the atmosphere can not completely resist the sun's ultraviolet radiation, which has brought us a serious health threat.

In the face of the harsh living environment of the earth, let's take action to save the earth now.




Look at the surging situation, like a mighty Yellow River, a vast natural color in the Yellow River which she nurtures millions of Chinese people. However, it is so pure that there is no impurity. The original charm of the Yellow River is now, although it has a kind of startling momentum, it is far better to listen to her surging river, which makes people enjoy talking about it Amazing, amazing Chinese people have always had a kind of mother nurturing me, I want to ask you: why ungrateful? You will know that you are hurt by your mother, and now she is really Canzhuang.

All this has led to, ah, with the gradual prosperity of our motherland, how many "vicious" supporters have expanded the factory to the Yellow River, and they discharged them into the Yellow River. She has become more and more turbid and unpleasant, but people are not willing to give up and throw garbage into the river, and there are people everywhere Spitting, the more serious pollution of the Yellow River has also harmed ourselves. Considering the close relationship between people and the Yellow River, washing clothes, cooking, heating and even simple drinking water are inseparable from the Yellow River.

If we don't want to wake up, we will suffer. Because of the poisoning and death caused by water pollution, I don't think the Yellow River has caused this tragic scene, wise man We should vigorously promote the protection of the innocent mother river. We should prohibit the discharge of harmful substances in the factory and refuse to throw garbage into it.

Now spit everywhere and take remedial measures in time. We can not wait until the tragedy happens before we begin to repent. If we work together, the Yellow River will be "rescued".



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