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关于”批评与赞美“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Criticism and praise。以下是关于批评与赞美的专八英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Criticism and praise

Criticism makes life progress. Everyone will often face criticism and praise. They complement each other in the store.

Criticism can make you depressed. Praise can make you happy and get good results in your exam. Of course, the teacher will praise you.

I also want to leave the game ahead of time. It is precisely grey who feels ashamed of being a country and has made outstanding achievements in all aspects More and more students, led by the United States, invaded Iraq, which has aroused the indignation of the whole world. When we are criticized or praised, we will feel that we have no face.

We should correctly face the "Moon" in the work twists and turns. Teacher Xingzi, under the teacher's criticism, is indomitable, but insists on his own Faith, finally verified his point of view is correct, and taught a good student, in order to contribute to the society, become our teacher's students, when master Weng Zhongyong was in his teens, he was more intelligent, you were simply one thing, he could make a poem, get praise from all people, you can support a family, but he was complacent when he succeeded, No Continue to study, think can be superior to others, but in the end, as an ordinary student, we can know from it that a compliment can make us inspired, but it can also be our complacency. Even if we bear a heavy burden and destroy our future, a criticism will also make us depressed and lose confidence, but as long as we persevere, we will not break the pot Only by breaking, inspiring and striving can we succeed in the face of criticism and praise.

We should treat it with a common heart, so that we can not be frustrated, from the sails to the other side of success.




It is very common to complain and complain in life. There are always some unsatisfied things. It is easy to criticize and blame others.

The nagging person always complains about his leadership, his colleagues, even his wife. His complaint and complaint make him and others unhappy, and it is useless to complain. Instead, it led to hostility between Beth.

A loser is always critical, a successful person always praises others' advantages, because he only sees the advantages of others, and learns from others' advantages to expand his own self. The person who complains only sees the weakness of others. He thinks that he is perfect, so he seldom or never learns anything from others.

Gradually, he loses his superiority. What we should do is to praise others instead of complaining. An ounce of praise is worth a pound of criticism.

A person with good intentions always respects others and appreciates their work and efforts. He congratulates farewell He is happy for people's achievements and success, because they are his own deeds and highly valued by them. Therefore, he himself is respected and appreciated.

Let us complain less and praise more, so as to make our world full of good wishes.





Life is to find our right place in life and society when we are criticized or praised. It is always important for us to learn to accept them selectively, so that they will not deviate from our view of ourselves, that is, who we think we are and what kind of people we want to be, and they are helpful to our future development. To be sure, no one likes to be ransacked, let alone harshly attacked in the head.

That's where things get tricky: it's your nature to hate criticism, but it's wise to take a moment to think before people criticize, whether they're fair, whether they're trying to give sincere advice, or after they've asked these questions, they just go out After careful consideration, we can judge whether these criticisms are constructive or not, and whether we accept those that are not so pleasant but beneficial. When we get the approval, we will not pay attention to these criticisms and cheer us a little, but always remember that there is always more room for progress. Of course, we don't want to be overwhelmed by pride and let it stop us In the way of becoming better and more capable people, do we let those who praise you moderately increase your confidence and courage, let those who flatter you too much in the past.

Soon, a perfect balance will be maintained at the end, accepting constructive criticism, and remembering that a little applause won't make any progress.



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