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关于”中国的未解之谜“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:China's unsolved mystery。以下是关于中国的未解之谜的初一英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:China's unsolved mystery

Malaysia MH may be the most bizarre aviation disaster in human history. On that day, a large plane carrying hundreds of passengers just disappeared from the world. No one can tell us what happened to that plane and where it went.

Some countries have found some missing clues after detecting signals, and their black boxes have been sent, but there are still many unsolved mysteries to be revealed.




LAN enjoys a high reputation in China. As a TV presenter and studio manager, she soon quit her job at Phoenix TV Hong Kong. Yang Lan has just graduated from the English Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University.

She is lucky to be selected as the host of a new CCTV program from more than 1000 candidates, which will make her a household name. Her talent and personality make her stand out among Chinese hosts because she won the golden microphone award in the first national host competition. However, in order to pursue a higher goal, Yang Lan gave up her job in CCTV.

Mediain Yang Lan went to the United States to study and obtained a master's degree from Columbia University. Two years later, she became a studio producer and speaker of Phoenix Satellite TV company in Hong Kong. She benefited a lot from Phoenix Satellite TV's work.

Her relaxed production environment enabled her to create a series of important contents. The program made her name in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and then in October, her career flourished, and she left Phoenix to seek greater freedom of production. Yang Lan explained: I like to create, I want to fail the creation, not the successful program, from the old and tired idea of CCTV and Phoenix Satellite TV allowing her to broadcast her on August 8, Yang Lan's "Sun TV" was broadcast internationally《 Programs such as digital, science and civilization, and unsolved mysteries have attracted a large number of viewers.

Yang Lan's deep feelings and serious treatment can be seen in all the programs. Yang Lan hopes that the Sun TV station can make contributions to carrying forward China's splendid culture and recording the great history of mankind.


蓝在中国享有很高的声誉,作为电视节目主持人和演播室经理,她很快就辞去了香港菲尼克斯电视台的工作。杨澜刚从北京外国语大学英语系毕业,她幸运地从一千多名候选人中被选为中央电视台一个新节目的主持人,这将使她家喻户晓,她的才华和个性使她在中国主持人中脱颖而出,因为她在第一届全国主持人大赛上获得了金话筒奖。然而,为了追求更高的目标,杨澜放弃了在中央电视台的工作,MediaIn Yang Lan赴美国留学,获哥伦比亚大学硕士学位,两年后成为香港凤凰卫视公司演播室制片人和演讲者,她从凤凰卫视工作中受益匪浅,轻松的生产环境让她创造了一系列重要的内容。



The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the devil's triangle, is an area of the Northwest Atlantic where some planes and surface ships have disappeared, and some people claim that these disappearances are beyond the limits of human error or natural behavior. Popular culture attributes these disappearances to supernatural phenomena, namely the suspension of the laws of physics, or the activities of extraterrestrials, although there are numerous documents showing that many of them were wrongly reported or modified by later authors, and many official agencies have documented that the number and nature of the disappearances are similar to any other marine area, despite the occurrence of the Loch Ness monster A lot of investigations have been made, but there are still many unknown reasons. The Loch Ness monster is an alleged animal, no family or species has been identified, but the Loch Ness monster, which claims to inhabit Loch Ness, Scotland, is one of the most famous animals in cryptography.

Since the Loch Ness monster became the evidence of world concern, the general belief and interest in it has fluctuated in the past few years, which is largely hearsay and rarely controversial. Photographic materials and sonar readings: no evidence of local people or later found around the world (skeleton remains, capture of living animals, definitive tissue) has yet to be found Because of the abominable snowman, the snowman is a kind of ape animal, which is said to live in the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet. The names of Yeti and mett are usually used by local people and are part of the history and myth of the local people.

Nepalese have various names for snowmen, such as "bonmache", which means "savage" or "kanchanjunga" Rachyas, which means "the devil of kanchanjunga", is one of the most famous cryptanals in the study, although the scientific community basically considers the snowman to be a fraud, it is still one of the most famous code animals in the study. The unconfirmed animal Snowman can be regarded as a parallel to Sasquatch or human beast in the Himalayas.



自从尼斯湖水怪成为世界关注的证据以来,人们对它的普遍信仰和兴趣在过去的几年里兴衰起伏,这在很大程度上是传闻,很少有争议的,摄影材料和声纳读数:目前还没有发现当地人和后来在世界各地发现的任何物证(骨骼遗骸、活生生动物的捕获、确定的组织样本或伪造物),由于可憎的雪人雪人雪人是一种类人猿的动物,据说生活在尼泊尔和西藏的喜马拉雅地区。雪人和梅特的名字通常被当地人使用,是当地人的一部分历史和神话尼泊尔人对雪人有各种各样的名字,比如“Bonmanche”,意思是“野人”或者“Kanchanjunga rachyyas”,意思是“Kanchanjunga的恶魔”,尽管科学界基本上认为雪人是一种欺诈行为,但它仍然是研究中最著名的密码动物之一未经证实的动物雪人可以被认为是喜马拉雅山脉的一个平行于萨斯夸奇或人类野兽。

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