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关于”具有传染性的病毒“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Infectious virus。以下是关于具有传染性的病毒的托福英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Infectious virus

This novel coronavirus made me have a different new year. Since the discovery of the virus in December, it was not until January that people knew that it was a highly infectious disease. This time, people really paid attention to it.

The reason for the spread of the virus was that Wuhan illegally traded and consumed wild animals (official information, this is because there are many kinds of viruses in wild animals, once they enter the human body, every day Huoshenshan hospital Wuhan huoshenshan hospital covers an area of square meters with a total bed space. The construction time is only 10 days and 10 nights. In the earth shoveling operation, there are about forklifts, bulldozers and road rollers in the whole project.

There are several large machines running at the same time. In order to support Wuhan, the National People's government has launched a series of measures to support the construction of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital Eight large military transport planes were used to take off from Shenyang, Lanzhou, Guangzhou and Nanjing on the morning of the 2nd. All of them arrived at Tianhe Airport from the 3rd to the 3rd.

There were soldiers and tons of materials. It can be seen that the people of the whole country are supporting Wuhan. They are United and share weal and woe.

During the disease, we bought a lot of masks and soap, because masks can prevent most of the virus from entering the human body, and also prevent the spread of the virus. Washing hands with soap can disinfect the bacteria on the hands and reduce the incidence of the disease the cold winter is coming, and spring will come as scheduled. When the spring flowers are in full bloom, we can go to the street without masks Come with flowers, Wuhan, China.


这个新奇的冠状病毒让我过了一个不同的新年自从12月发现病毒以来直到1月人们才知道它是一种高度传染性的疾病,而这次人们真正关注了它,病毒传播的原因是武汉市非法买卖和食用野生动物(官方信息这是因为野生动物体内病毒种类繁多,一旦进入人体,每天都会轻微伤害身体,严重致死,媒体和广播电台都会播报病毒情况,火神山医院武汉火神山医院的建筑面积为平方米,共有床位,施工时间仅十天十夜,在铲土作业中,整个项目中大约有铲车、推土机、压路机大约有几台大型机械同时运转,为了支援武汉,国家动用了8架大型军用运输机2日上午从沈阳、兰州、广州、南京起飞,他们都是从3日到3日抵达天河机场的,总共有士兵和成吨的物资可以看出,全国人民都在支持武汉,他们团结一致,同甘共苦。在这个疾病期间,我们买了很多口罩和肥皂,因为口罩可以预防大部分的病毒防止病毒进入人体,还可以防止病毒传播时用肥皂洗手可以消毒手上的细菌,降低疾病的发生率 寒冷的冬天即将过去,春天将如约而至,当春天的花朵盛开时,我们都可以上街,不戴口罩,带着鲜花来,中国武汉加油。


There are many ways to prevent influenza virus infection and transmission. Cover your mouth and nose with your hands to stop the flu. First of all, itching, tingling, itching: cover your hands and sneeze to avoid spreading flu germs.

This is the latest tip on how to cover up the correct prevention of influenza virus: wiping off bacteria with soap and rubbing your hands is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of influenza, so spray and sprint quickly. Don't be too sensitive to everything you need: don't touch your face, rub your eyes, nose or mouth with flu A reliable way, but how long does it take to overcome the flu on the surface: the power of healthy habits, when you're healthy, your immune system will be stronger, so keep yourself in top health during the flu season and throughout the next year. Here are five healthy habits you can take advantage of.




AIDS is caused by AIDS. Although AIDS is a fatal disease, it can only be transmitted through three ways: sexual intercourse, blood and mother to child transmission. The most infectious people are homosexuals, drug users, hemophiliacs, and people who receive blood transfusions from infected people and those who have sex with them.



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