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关于”广告的介绍广告的作用与形式“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:The function and form of advertisement。以下是关于广告的介绍广告的作用与形式的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The function and form of advertisement

A public advertisement is like a lamp. If there are some bright lights, there will be less darkness around us. I believe that everyone's heart is like a window, which will come in from the bright window.

I believe that "civilization is around us", which is very close to us. Close contact with public advertising has a strong educational significance and symbolic role, which is to stimulate people to some things around us Public service advertising is against the collective interests of human beings, and its form of expression is more meaningful, which causes thinking, the role of education and enlightenment.




Modern advertising has a wide range of functions, the main functions are: information function, economic function, social function, propaganda function, psychological function, aesthetic function, the main function of advertising information transmission: advertising, commodity information, communication enterprises as a bridge between enterprises and consumers, the economic function of advertising: reflected in the economic function of advertising, plays a role in marketing communication The function of the overall economic activities, effectively transmit the information flow related to advertising and its economic activities, promote economic development, product sales contribute to the virtuous cycle of social production and commodity circulation, capital and commodity circulation accelerate to improve production efficiency and create more wealth. Advertising can effectively promote the sales of its products, guide consumption, and make the production know, advertising to enterprises The role of industry development is immeasurable: advertising is the social function of new knowledge, and new technology will be conducive to the mass communication of educational function. New knowledge, new inventions and creations in the field of science and technology help to develop social vision, activate people's hearts and enrich the functions of material and cultural life.

Advertising propaganda tool is to disseminate economic information, is a form of social communication, involving thinking The main psychological function of modern advertisement is advertisement: as a special advertisement product, aesthetic function must have certain aesthetic value for consumers to accept and satisfy their aesthetic needs to a certain extent Real advertising is not so harmful. It is very troublesome to cheat people who are actually using false advertisements.




① ② (3) the role of advertising is called the voice of Commerce, because it publishes new products, describes the new uses and improved characteristics of familiar products, it tries to let people know what they need, and makes them want to buy these things, it tells the market what products or services are available, and how they can buy them: ① advertising plays a crucial role in the dissemination and circulation of goods It builds a bridge between the factory, the company and the store. It is easy to find a partner between the store and the customer. Advertising improves the quality of products by stimulating competition.

③ advertising and companies selling the same or similar products are to attract consumers' attention. Competition forces companies to improve products and make people buy them. Advertising can also reduce the price of a product by creating a large amount of demand.

In other words, a large-scale market that supports mass production reduces the manufacturing cost, and then the manufacturer can reduce the selling price, and the customer will buy the product at a low price. ⑤ ① obtain [+ b'tein] v. ② vital ['vaitl] a.

③ stimulate competition K & mpi'tim + n] manufacturing [M $nju'f $KTM +] v. ⑤ commodity [K +'m & D + Ti] n. supporting statement similar products reference products repeat buying these things repeatedly because their ideas are ambiguous TV stations.


① ②③④广告的作用广告被称为商业之声,因为它发布新产品,描述熟悉产品的新用途和改进特性,它试图让人们知道他们需要的东西,并使他们想买这些东西,它告诉市场上有什么产品或服务,以及他们如何能够购买获得:①广告在商品的传播和流通中起着至关重要的作用②它在工厂、公司和商店之间架起了一座桥梁,商店和顾客之间无论哪一方都很容易找到合作伙伴。广告通过刺激竞争提高产品质量③通过广告、公司销售相同或相似的产品是为了吸引消费者的注意,竞争迫使公司改进产品,使人们购买。广告还可以通过创造大量的需求来降低产品的价格,或者说,有助于支持大规模生产的大规模市场降低了制造成本,然后制造商可以因此降低销售价格,顾客将以低廉的价格购买商品⑤①获得[+b'tein]诉②vital['vaitl]a.③刺激竞争['stimjuleit k&mpi'tiM+n]④制造[m$nju'f$ktM+]v.⑤商品[k+'m&d+ti]n.支持性陈述相似的产品参考产品重复性强的重复购买这些东西,因为他们的想法是模棱两可的电视台。

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