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关于”我的振奋人心的民族英雄“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:My inspiring national hero。以下是关于我的振奋人心的民族英雄的初一英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My inspiring national hero

Hero when people say the word "hero", what do you think of national heroes who protect our country and sacrifice in war, or heroes like Yang Liwei who can land on the moon at my opportunity? My hero is my father, maybe my father is not a national hero, maybe he didn't do anything important, but he made money to support me and educate me when I was a baby He taught me how to walk, he taught me how to walk, he taught me to do math problems, and every time I got a difference, he would try to cheer me up. He loved me. Even if I did something he didn't do, he wouldn't slap me or hit me.

He would teach me how to change all this and encourage me to do good. I love my father because he is normal, but he gives me abnormal love.




Yue Fei is a famous national hero in China. He lived in the Song Dynasty in China. The Song Dynasty was invaded by the northern nomadic Jing nationality.

Yue Fei led his army to attack the Yasukuni army and was killed by luche of the Song Dynasty nastyhttp://artcraftzymqcom/Pottery/htmChina Make the astronaut nation H eroported:PM (April 14, Manila, Beijing time, France pressebeij ING China) hailed the success of its first manned space flight and immediately announced astronaut Yang Liwei as a national hero. As a Chinese, Internet chat rooms are filled with tens of thousands of proud and praising messages. I am very proud of my country.

One of the messages is more than one, almost all of which are congratulations. It was posted on the Chinese portal "long live the Chinese people" Another piece of news almost bombed the discussion forum on the rival portal sohucoms, just hours after the young's capsule landed on Wednesday morning Greenwich mean time) to welcome our hero back in the Inner Mongolia steppe. An online writer, an hour after completing his mission around the earth times, lamented that Yang Jiechi seemed to be receiving the rest of his life in his mission around the earth times Pursuing is a pillar of China's efforts to become a world power.

President Hu Jintao said on Wednesday that Yang Jiechi was officially declared a national hero on Thursday. He is the first Chinese to fly in a spaceship. I believe that Mr.

Yang Liwei is not only a hero in the field of aerospace technology, but also a national hero. Xie Mingbao, director of China's manned space engineering office, landed successfully After the press conference, Xie Mingbao realized the high publicity value of Xie Mingbao.


岳飞是我国著名的民族英雄,他生活在中国的宋朝,宋朝被北方游牧民族京族入侵,岳飞率军攻打靖队,屡战屡败,最后被宋朝的鲁彻杀害nastyhttp://artcraftzymqcom/Pottery/htmChina使宇航员国家Heroported:PM(马尼拉北京时间xx月xx日,中国北京法兰西新闻社(FrancePresseBEIJING China)为其首次载人航天飞行的成功而欢呼,并立即宣布宇航员杨利伟为民族英雄,作为一个中国人,互联网聊天室充斥着数万条自豪和赞扬的信息,我为我的国家感到非常骄傲,其中一条留言不止一条,几乎都是祝贺,在中国门户网站《中国万岁》上发布的另一条消息几乎轰炸了竞争对手门户网站Sohucoms的讨论论坛,就在杨氏太空舱于格林尼治标准时间星期三上午降落后几个小时)在内蒙古草原欢迎我们的英雄归来一位网络作家在完成一个小时后感叹道在他环绕地球时报的任务中,看起来将在他的余生中受到追捧,这是中国争取成为世界强国的一个支柱,星期三说,星期四被宣布为民族英雄,他是第一个乘宇宙飞船飞行的中国人,我相信杨利伟先生不仅是航天技术领域的英雄,更是一位民族英雄,中国载人航天工程办公室主任谢明宝在成功着陆后的新闻发布会上说,谢明宝认识到了谢明宝的高度宣传价值。


On Monday, Liu Xiang's dream of defending his Olympic title in his hometown came to an end on Monday, when he failed in the first round of warm-up in the meter hurdles. Liu Xiang is the world champion and the host's greatest hope of winning the track and field gold medal at the Beijing Olympic Games. After a wrong start, he staggered down the tunnel and left the bird's Nest stadium.

He was obviously uncomfortable and made a painful expression. After a wrong start, he stumbled forward a few steps, apparently by his right leg Liu Xiang had two injuries, one was Achilles tendon and the other was leg. Sun Haiping, his coach and mentor, said in a tearful press conference that his right Achilles tendon was over, and he added that "he will come back." Feng Shuyong, head coach of China's track and field team, said in a shocked silence that Liu Xiang had suffered two injuries, one was his Achilles tendon and the other was his leg "He said," even if he felt the pain of his decision to participate in the first warm-up game, "Liu Xiang will not quit, unless the pain is unbearable, there is no other way out." there is also basketball player Yao Ming, the most popular player in China.

He has a huge expectation to repeat his victory when he became himself He was disappointed to see him outside, "Feng added." we've done our best. ".



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