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关于”难忘的是“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:What is unforgettable is。以下是关于难忘的是的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What is unforgettable is

Yesterday, I took part in the environmental tour am. We started from zuolin middle school in Qishan County and arrived at the intersection of Zhengjia in three hours to complete the kilometer road. When we passed by, we distributed it to pedestrians and asked them to publicize environmental protection knowledge.

We completed the kilometer road in a few hours. Many people spontaneously joined our team to publicize people's environmental protection all day The awareness has been greatly improved. People consciously pick up the garbage around them and say they want to use more environmentally friendly products.




It's worth remembering a day when everything goes wrong, but all of a sudden everything seems to be out of control. It always happens that a lot of things choose to go wrong at the same time, as if an unimportant thing has triggered a series of reactions. Let's assume that you are preparing a meal while taking care of your children, and the phone rings, which marks a series of events The prelude to the unexpected disaster, when you are on the phone, the baby pulls the tablecloth off the table, smashes half of your best pottery and cuts himself.

You hang up and look after the children, the pottery, etc. At the same time, the meal was burnt, as if it was not enough to make you cry. When your husband arrived, he accidentally brought three guests to dinner.

Many people recently found that this situation could make a big mistake in paramata. One night in the suburb of Sydney, two cars collided and two drivers began to argue. The woman behind the two cars happened to be a learner But panicked, he stopped the car, which made the driver brake hard.

His wife was sitting next to him with a big cake in her hand. She was thrown in front of her. The cake went through the windshield and fell on the road.

She saw a cake flying in the air. A truck driver was stopping beside the car and suddenly stopped. The truck was full of empty beer bottles, and hundreds of beer bottles slipped from the back of the car On the way.

This led to another angry quarrel, with a mountain of cars behind it, and it took the police nearly an hour to get the vehicles moving again. At the same time, the truck driver had to clear hundreds of broken bottles. Only two stray dogs benefited because they devoured the rest of the cake - just one of those days.





(an unforgettable challenge) when I was ten years old, I began to chat with foreigners, but I gradually became very shy. With the help of foreigners, I became more and more confident. The next year, I went to Yangzhou with two foreigners.

First of all, I became their guide. We came to Shouxi river. They wanted to take a boat tour.

I told them the price. Then we got on the boat. When we saw the scenery, we all thought it was very beautiful.

They went to buy souvenirs. The seller didn't speak English. Although it was very hard, I tried my best to listen to their words and translate them in mine I bought some souvenirs with my help.

Then we went to a small zoo and we took some pictures. When we were hungry, there were not many animals. We went out for lunch.

We visited some old houses. They learned more about Chinese history. It was not only a big challenge, but also an unforgettable challenge.

This opportunity made me confident and brave. I hope I can Seize many opportunities in the future, and then I will speak English, because I think practice makes perfect.



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