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关于”写电影院“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Writing about cinema。以下是关于写电影院的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Writing about cinema

Movies are giving way to TV: you can write a composition about movies giving way to TV. According to the chart below, you should write at least a few words. You should write your composition according to the outline below.

If you are good at observation, you may find that fewer and fewer people like to go to the movies to watch TV at home As can be seen from the figure, from to, the number of people watching TV increased steadily, while the number of people watching movies decreased sharply. I think there are at least two reasons for this trend. First, sitting in front of the TV set, you can always find his / her favorite program, because there are always various festivals that can satisfy different tastes.

But in this regard, film can never be compared with television It's easy and comfortable to watch TV indoors. Watching TV saves the trouble of queuing up to buy tickets. They are sitting in a certain place, holding the remote control in their hands, enjoying their own fun.

Nevertheless, some people always like to watch movies, but television can never replace movies. For these people, movies always have their unique charm. They go to the cinema for the specific atmosphere and the feeling of participating in the action.

No dish is suitable for everyone's taste, but many are People prefer to watch TV at home and a few like to go to the cinema.




Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: it is better to watch a movie in the cinema than at home (indicating effective atmosphere: cost is a key indicator for people to decide whether to go to the cinema or stay at home, because some films are not worth going to the cinema because of the sound effect and atmosphere. However, not every film needs to be in the movie For most people, staying at home is more comfortable than going to the cinema, because they can have their own way of watching movies. Because the cinema is a public place, we should perform well, but if we watch movies at home, we can laugh loudly and talk freely about scene selection Example: the choice of cinema is limited because it only shows movies according to its auction calendar.

We can watch any movie we want at home, whether it's the latest or old single task task.




Advantages of watching movies on DVD in the cinema with the rapid development of technology, there are many ways for people to watch movies. Some people choose to watch movies in the cinema. Some people choose to watch movies at home.

Different people have different choices for me. I prefer to watch movies in the cinema because there are many advantages. First of all, watching movies in the cinema makes people feel comfortable, especially when you finish the whole day At work, it is a good choice to watch a movie in the cinema.

As we all know, the cinema is a huge space. People can also relax in the cinema. You can concentrate on the movie because the screen is big enough and the voice is clear enough.

Moreover, the cinema is always clean. Secondly, the cinema is a good choice for couples. Most young people like to go to the cinema to watch electricity Movie, because they think it's better to cultivate feelings in the Grand Theater.

The atmosphere of the cinema is more suitable for lovers. People's mentality will change with the ups and downs of the film. Therefore, most young people will choose to watch love stories in the cinema.

Third, it is easy to buy tickets. We don't need to waste too much time queuing up. Now there are many ways to buy movie tickets, the most typical is online shopping West, everything can be done on the computer.

What we have to do is click the mouse. Science and technology make our life very convenient. In addition, a movie ticket is not expensive.

Many people sacrifice a little money to buy a comfortable experience. Why not decompress the agent in the fast-paced life? And the cinema is a good way to relax In today's movie, life is beautiful, so we should find a more interesting way of life to make our life full of fun.



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