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" financial (industry) rescue, financial industry rescue, financial (industry / industry) rescue plan, financial market rescue plan, financial industry rescue plan, financial industry / industry financial (industry / industry) rescue bill, two House leaders in Washington said on Wednesday that progress was being made in passing the $100 million financial industry rescue bill by Congress, in part because of increased U.S. participation in people's deposits The house will vote on the financial rescue plan on Wednesday. The U.S.

Congress vetoed the rescue plan. Wall Street is frustrated. Congress is uncertain about the next step of the rescue plan (New York Times, September 13, Bush warned that if the rescue is rejected, the consequences will be "painful" (Los Angeles Times, September 13, European and Asian markets improve, and U.S.

bailout hopes (oil price rises to us dollar due to rescue plan After the $100 million Wall Street bailout, members of Congress and the Bush administration must now agree on the final details of a rescue plan aimed at keeping credit flowing and avoiding a severe recession. U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and leading lawmakers reported earlier on Sunday that "great progress has been made" in reaching an unprecedented multi billion dollar Wall Street rescue plan before the market reopens.

He said the agreement is likely to be finalized later today, and the Senate will vote on the rescue plan today bail someone out / allow someone to bail (= bail) A former Iranian police commander said police arrested him on Thursday and charged him with involvement in a marijuana growing drug gang. Yesterday, the Court released webby on bail in US dollars after being arrested in Mississippi, paying us $bail from a high-speed car chase.


“ 金融(行业)救援金融业救援,金融(行业/行业)救援计划金融市场救援计划金融业救援计划金融业/行业金融(行业/行业)救援法案华盛顿两位众议院领袖周三表示,在国会通过亿美元的金融业救助法案方面正在取得进展,部分原因是增加了对人民存款美国参议院周三将投票表决金融救助计划美国国会否决救助计划华尔街受挫国会否决救助计划下一步不确定(纽约时报,9月13日,布什警告说,如果救助被否决,后果将是“痛苦的”(洛杉矶时报,9月13日,欧洲,亚洲市场改善美国救市希望(油价上涨至美元,因救助计划的希望而上涨)(在华尔街救助计划突破亿美元后,国会议员和布什政府现在必须就旨在保持信贷流动和避免严重衰退的救助方案达成最终细节。美国财长保尔森和主要议员周日早些时候报告称,在市场重新开市之前,达成一项史无前例的数十亿美元华尔街救助计划“取得了巨大进展”,他说这项协议很可能在今天晚些时候敲定,参议院今天将对救助计划进行投票 保释释放某人保释/准许某人保释(=保释金支付后获得保释候审)一名前伊朗警察指挥官因警方说,警方周四逮捕了他,指控他参与了一个大麻种植毒品团伙,昨天法庭以美元保释金释放了韦比在密西西比州被捕后交了美元的保释金,从一场高速汽车追逐。


"Sunshine angel love China relay Tour" was initiated by the Red Cross Foundation of China and sunshine angel foundation, which launched a nationwide special action for poor children. In this action, sunshine angel cooperated with the fund company and angel love sunshine fund hospital. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the love relay, sunshine angel set up relief funds for provinces and autonomous regions Wang Jing personally awarded the appointment letter and commemorative card of "love angel" issued by the Secretary General.

She said that this is a very meaningful love activity. She will do her best to support, promote the love relay and more love, and call for attention and support for children's rescue action In terms of the level of medical technology before, patients can be treated through surgery, but due to economic reasons, only about people can get timely treatment. Many poor families often give up treatment.

The Red Cross Foundation of China has launched the "sunshine angel fund to help poor children" to raise funds for the society and provide assistance for children from poor families. The Red Cross Society of China will follow the guidelines The seven basic principles of the Red Cross movement, namely, humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and unity, continue to make greater contributions to the happiness of the Chinese people and to the cause of peace and progress of all mankind.




Dolphins are my favorite animals. They are one of the most precious animals. Their bodies are very long.

There are about rice dolphins living in the sea. They live on fish and shrimp. Dolphins are very friendly and peaceful.

They never attack people. They have saved a lot of people in danger in the past few years. How helpful dolphins are.

Smart people often train them so that they can hold a dolphin show and bring a lot of happiness and happiness to people. Unfortunately, due to water pollution, the number of dolphins is becoming less and less, and the space left for dolphins is becoming smaller and smaller. Many people make money by hunting dolphins.

If we don't protect them, we may lose our good friends. As a student, I hope more and more people should take action to protect dolphins.



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