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关于”形容面“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Descriptive surface。以下是关于形容面的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Descriptive surface

I want to invent a great pen, because the broken pen brings a lot of trouble to our daily life. When we are doing homework, I think the pen will not be damaged easily, and it will show how much ink is left, so that we will not worry about the exam any more. Pen should have MP3 function, also can record, of course, it will not be expensive MP.




The early development of statistical methods has two distinct influences: one is the mother who is committed to keeping the orderly records of government units (the country and statistics come from the same Latin root); the other is the gentlemanly gambling father, who relies on mathematics to improve his odds and chances. The influence of the game mother on his offspring, statistics, is represented by counting, measuring, describing and controlling Table, sort and census. All of these lead to modern descriptive statistics, from father's influence to modern inferential statistics, which is completely based on probability theory descriptive collection includes tabulation, description and descriptive data collection.

These data can be quantitative, such as the measurement of height, intelligence or grade level. These variables have potential continuous characteristics, or the data may represent qualitative variables, A large number of data, such as gender, university major or personality type, usually have to go through a process of summarization or simplification before being understood. Descriptive statistics is a tool to describe, summarize or simplify to comprehensible form.

Inferential statistics is a way to solve another type of problem, which is characterized by an attempt to use observational samples to make predictions. For example, a school administrator wants to determine the proportion of children who have been vaccinated against influenza among the children who come to school without breakfast in a large school system, or, whatever it is, as long as there is a little statistical knowledge, regulators will know It is unnecessary and inefficient to ask questions to every child. Therefore, the purpose of inferential statistics is to predict or estimate the characteristic population sample of a group based on the understanding of population characteristics.


统计方法的早期发展有两种截然不同的影响:一种是致力于保持政府单位有序记录的母亲(国家和统计数据来自同一种拉丁词根),另一种是绅士式的赌博父亲,他依靠数学来提高自己的胜算技巧机会游戏母亲对后代的影响,统计学,表现为计数、测量、描述、制表、排序和人口普查。这些都导致了现代描述性统计,从父亲的影响到现代推断统计学,它完全建立在概率理论的基础上 描述收集包括制表、描述和描述数据收集这些数据可以是定量的,例如身高、智力或年级水平的测量,这些变量具有潜在的连续性特征,或者数据可能代表定性变量,如性别,大学专业或个性类型大量的数据在被理解之前通常必须经历一个总结或简化的过程。描述性统计是描述、总结或简化为可理解形式的工具描述、总结或简化为可理解的形式。



Yesterday, I visited a model high school. My friend and I had a beautiful fountain in the middle of the campus. We started from the main building.

First, we went to the laboratory building, where some students were doing experiments. Then we entered the lecture hall behind the experimental building. We saw many students listening to the lecture given by the professor opposite.

The lecture hall is the art center. We watched a group of students Playing musical instruments, finally we came to the playground behind the school. Some boys were playing football games.

It was so exciting that we couldn't help cheering for them. It was an impressive visit.



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