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关于”爱的开头“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:The beginning of love。以下是关于爱的开头的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The beginning of love

Love, love in practice, is early love is late love, a popular saying in Tsinghua University, Tsinghua boys returned on the first day, "Tsinghua ten girls back", which shows that China has just begun to develop into love, has become an , s can restrain themselves, love, give them is a growing process, an intuition, a disillusionment, a kind of thinking Test, then, in the face of love, we support it, it has always maintained opposition, love is still improving.




A beautiful and touching love story, you can't miss the beginning of the story is a young woman named Kitty, who, in order to escape the glitz of the London social circle in the s, accepts the proposal of a doctor named Walter Finn. When Walter takes kitty to the sea in China, he starts his scientific research work. The lonely cat falls in love with a fan who marries her When her husband discovered this, he felt very ashamed to revenge Kitty.

He took Katie to a small town full of cholera in Guilin. He left the laboratory to help people out of the disaster. Katie went to a temple to be a benevolent.

As time went by, Kitty found the courage and significance of life. Walter and Kitty could open their hearts when their relationship was between them As they got closer and closer, Walter finally contracted cholera. Walter died.

Kitty and Walter's love became an eternal topic.




As a woman, one of the biggest mistakes I have made is that love used to be the whole life. We can say that we only live for love and regard love as the whole hope and meaning of life. Of course, love can't be talked about in the end.

Fortunately, later I realized that love is only a part of life. That part is not even a pillar, but for Love life that part of the icing on the cake, I think it is because of love problems that he began to go wrong, in fact, life also began to have problems, when looking back, I found that, in fact, when I made the first mistake, entangled in a variety of inexplicable fear, when the end of love, love will follow, when love problems, if two people love Love just want to repair, not objectively reflect and improve themselves, so once again beautiful love, save a person who does not return, just like the angry king, from chickenpox, you don't try to make a fire, as long as you touch some acne plaster, it will not be of much use in the future. I no longer worry that it will only make the good things worse and the bad things worse.

Many girls said to me, "I I just don't feel safe. "But what does" security "mean for men to really give you a sense of security? Maybe you are worried now. Why do you start to worry when they haven't found a boyfriend? What should he do if he marries you? You have to worry about how many people do this again and again, endless worries, where can you feel when you have time to enjoy love The most sincere and beautiful part of love has no sense of security, either because you don't trust yourself or because you don't trust each other.

If yoeally love a man, you must make him worthy of your love, so choose to trust him, because he lacks trust in himself, which requires long-term self-regulation and encouragement. The most important thing is a woman, no matter how much love Crazy, it must have some hobbies, friends, their own ideas, and more importantly, must have independent personality, only in this way can you believe that you do not put the responsibility on your own misfortune, late love, or the ring of true love. In fact, when you take good care of all aspects of life, in addition to the harvest of love, you will naturally want to love.



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