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关于”描写张海迪“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Description of Zhang Haidi。以下是关于描写张海迪的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Description of Zhang Haidi

Zhang Haidi, a national model for disabled people, encouraged disabled people in Shenzhen in a speech at Wuzhou Hotel on Tuesday (Zhang Haidi flew to Shenzhen from Shandong Province on May 4 to celebrate the national disabled people's day with Shenzhen people). The third Sunday of May every year is the national day for the disabled. Recently, a CPPCC member proposed to shift the focus of today's work from asking for help from the society to encouraging the disabled to be more independent.

She told the audience, mainly the disabled, how she cherished her life as a writer and translator. "I like writing, which I use to cheer myself up and tell the disabled How to face the unfortunate way, "Zhang said. After four spinal tumor resection operations, she overcame many difficulties in the following years and became a paraplegic patient.

People should learn knowledge and skills according to their own characteristics to serve life and society." Shenzhen is a modern city full of vitality and fierce competition, and the disabled here should be even more Try to learn how to survive. " Many years ago, she began to learn English. She has published a bilingual book "beautiful English" and translated some western literary works, such as "Modoc: the true story of the greatest elephant ever".

About a blind elephant, she has won the national foreign literature translation award. Zhang Yimou also introduced the art of living with a non disabled husband. She said that disabled people should not lower their own standards in pursuit of true love: "don't feel inferior, Try to create a harmonious environment for the family.

Zhang said that she visited Shenzhen a few years ago and was very excited about the development of Shenzhen in recent years. "Compared with the low-rise old buildings in the past, there are many high-rise buildings now.".





Zhang Haidi, who was born in Jinan in autumn, suffered from spinal disease. From then on, she became paralyzed from below the chest. After studying middle school courses at home, Heidi followed her parents and decentralized the rural areas of Liaocheng (Shandong Province).

When she was a teacher for her children, she taught herself acupuncture and moxibustion. Later, she treated the villagers for free. Zhang Haidi taught herself many languages and lived as a teacher Although she did not have the chance to go to school, she worked hard to finish all the courses in primary and secondary schools, and learned English, Japanese, German and world languages in University.

Zhang Haidi, who studied at university and postgraduate level, had no chance to go to school He has been engaged in literary creation. He has translated hundreds of thousands of English novels of clinic, edited the sky outside the window, the meaning of life, dream of wheelchair and other books. The dream of wheelchair was published in Japan and South Korea.

The meaning of life has been reprinted for many times in less than half a year Recently, the prize has never been awarded to prose works. One million word novel, the best one, will start writing and translating more than one million words in Zhang Haidi.




My favorite celebrity. There are a lot of people I adore here. What I admire most is Zhang Haidi.

You heard that she was born healthy, but she grew up and became disabled. She couldn't walk. Every day she had to lie in bed.

She was very sad, but she didn't give up. She thought what she should do to help herself and our country, so she began to learn English and many other things that she could She speaks good English and she can translate English stories. Most people know her and learn from her people.

We all say that she is a successful woman. We all know that it is difficult to succeed, but if we continue to work hard, nothing is impossible. The person I admire most is the place where my brother was born.

He is very good in all subjects, and he has a lot of personality. My brother is also good at singing. He has many friends.

Before my brother won the prize, he even ate with the famous singer Sha Baoliang. Brother Kaixuan set a good example for me. I believe that through my efforts, I will be as good as him.

My favorite person is Jay Chou, because he is a very talented singer, arranger, actor, director, over the years with his unique music style has had a huge impact on the Chinese music industry, he has issued countless catchy but meaningful songs, he even directed his own films, I appreciate his creativity, I like mostI, everyone I am a middle school student, I know Everyone has a favorite. My favorite is Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is one of the most famous singers in America.

He's very popular. You can't imagine, but he's only 18 years old. He's an active boy.

He's very handsome, with brown eyes and a bright smile. He's of medium build. He can play guitar, piano and drum a little bit.

And a lot of people like his voice, I know Once he hurt his foot in a concert, but he still insisted that he didn't go to the doctor until the end of the concert. His spirit, he taught me what is never to say, this is my favorite singer Justin Bieber. You like him because you love him, I love him.



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