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关于”医生的压力“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Pressure from doctors。以下是关于医生的压力的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Pressure from doctors

Dear doctors and nurses, in this spring season, there are beautiful flowers everywhere, but no one knows that an evil claw is reaching out to happy people. When SARS broke out in Beijing, everyone was afraid to go out. But a group of brave people went to fight against SARS.

We know that you leave your children at home alone, and you can't take care of them Gu's sick parents postpone your wedding. Like soldiers, you don't care about your safety and health. I don't know how to express my love to you.

I will try my best to learn. Let's fight SARS together. We will be winners.

Take care of your love from Li Tao.




There are two kinds of pressure on college students today: financial pressure and parental pressure. It's easy to look for rebels everywhere, blaming schools for charging too much, parents pushing them too far, but there are no rebels, only victims who are under great pressure. They just want to graduate and find a job.

If I were an employer, I would rather hire graduates with such breadth and curiosity than those who pursue safety subjects and high achievements narrowly. I know countless students whose curiosity makes me happy. I like to listen to their ideas.

I don't know whether they get a or C. I don't care. I also like them, because they are the people who need them in the country.

They will find satisfactory jobs. I tell them to relax, but they can't and can't blame them. They live in a cruel economic environment.

A student, even if he works part-time in University and works full-time in summer vacation, lives in a cruel economic environment After graduation, the loan increased to the graduation ceremony and began to go to the world. He was already behind. How could he not feel the pressure of the whole university to prepare for the day's liquidation.

① with the inevitable pressure of the parents under the economic pressure, the two poor students are deeply integrated. They are trapped in one of the oldest Internet love, responsible and guilty parents, which means that they are working hard In order to guide their sons and daughters to a safe future, but their children want to major in history, classical literature, or philosophy, which have no practical value, and the rewards of humanities are hard to convince these loving parents that the humanities can really help through learning, for example, that history and classics are just in business or almost any other subject Most of them enter their field indirectly. To their surprise, after going through many detours, they can hardly imagine a career without a plan in advance.

They can hardly imagine that there will be God or opportunity to help them push them to an unforeseen track.





With the improvement of the demand and quality of health services, especially in the context of the current disharmonious relationship between doctors and patients, the work pressure of medical staff is increasing. If we do not try to alleviate it, doctors will have negative emotions. Based on the ysis of domestic and foreign doctors' occupational stressors, this study conducted a questionnaire survey on the influencing factors of occupational stressors of doctors in a hospital in Ningbo Through investigation and ysis, it is found that the influencing factors and sources of occupational stress sources of doctors in a hospital in Ningbo City are significant, as well as different ages, genders, educational levels, marital status, income and seniority of doctors.

In the survey results, statistical ysis and relevant literature, it is found that there are obvious differences in four aspects of individuals, families and families. The society and the state put forward the corresponding suggestions It is hoped that the countermeasures and suggestions will help to alleviate the actual occupational stress of doctors in a hospital in Ningbo.



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