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关于”写一篇考拉“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Write a koala。以下是关于写一篇考拉的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write a koala

Koala is one of the most famous animals in Australia. It is a symbol of Australia's tourism promotion. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of adorable animals.

South and North koala are often called koala bears, but they are not bears. Koala's name comes from an indigenous word meaning "don't drink" because they get enough liquid from Eucalyptus leaves. They eat koalas all over East Australia, mainly in the southeast.

Male koalas are bigger than females. Southern koalas are bigger than northern koalas. They have soft gray fur, white chest, flat nose and big ears, and are used for climbing Claws.

They are very quiet animals that don't walk around very often. They only move for a few hours a day. The joke "koala: eat roots and leaves" is not true.

Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves. They have 12 different varieties to choose from, which is basically the only thing they eat, though with a few exceptions.




Koalas are arboreal herbivorous marsupials native to Australia. Koalas belong to a group of marsupials. They are small in size, or feet in size, and weigh between and pounds.

Males are larger than females. Tree bears in the north are more like bears in the north than in other parts of Australia, in any case, but it's a name that is often attributed to their physical characteristics. They have thick hair covering their bodies, including ears, fingernails on fingers, thumbs opposite, and thick pads on their fingers and toes so that they can hold on and move around trees Climbing koalas are very boring animals, even though they are not very active in time.

They rest or sleep for about a few hours a day, and eat about a few hours a day. The most interesting part of watching a koala is that when a female has a young koala, you may not know that for the first six months. From about a million koalas have been killed for their thick fur.

Today, there's a huge demand for these clothes from consumers. About some of them are still in the wild. Today, a large number of koalas are found in zoos around the world.

They are susceptible to various diseases in the wild, which leads to a significant reduction in their numbers. They may suffer from diseases that can cause them to become infertile. Problems can lead to large amounts of liquid in the lungs Form, and some will eventually lose sight, it hard for them to leave.






Koalas, Australia's iconic symbol, are facing extinction as rapid ization on the east coast has destroyed their fragile habitats. Environmentalists warn that the Australian Koala Foundation has found in its survey of koala habitats that% of koalas no longer have koalas, while% have suffered extensive destruction. "I really believe that in my lifetime, koalas It will go extinct unless we "do something," Deborah Tabarat, executive director of the foundation, told reporters STkt skoalas is protected by law, but they call it home's Eucalyptus and provide their only source of food, and there are no koalas in Australia.

From an estimated million to one million at the time of white settlement, one million koalas were shot in the year, said fotabarat. The main problem facing koalas is that most of Australia's million people and most of the koalas call the eastern states their homes. In a few years' time, Australia's east coast will continue to suffer from serious damage to the east coast of Australia, he said Wild koalas exist only in four of Australia's six states: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Marsupials have no natural predators, but their numbers have been reduced for decades due to sprawl, car accidents and dog attacks. Koalas die more each year than the koala dog and car foundation said on its website that the most powerful koala population on the Australian continent exists in Southeast Queensland and is in er of extinction over the years. Tabalatulbanization in Queensland: vulnerable species: Eucalyptus, said Queensland has been the fastest growing area of any part of Australia in the past eight years.

Koalas in this area were sent to hospital for death or fatal injury after a car accident or dog attack. Another injured koala may have died in the bush. Trees: temperate forest; marsupials:.


作为澳大利亚标志性标志的考拉斯考拉面临灭绝,因为东海岸的快速城市化了它们脆弱的栖息地,环保人士警告说,澳大利亚考拉基金会在对考拉栖息地的调查中发现,%的考拉不再有考拉,而%的考拉遭到了大面积的,“我真的相信,在我有生之年,考拉将灭绝,除非我们“做点什么,”基金会执行主任Deborah Tabarat告诉记者,StktSkoalas是受法律保护的,但他们称之为家的桉树,并提供他们唯一的食物来源,在澳大利亚没有考拉。从白人定居时估计的百万到百万只,在年有一百万只考拉被射杀,福塔巴拉特说,考拉面临的主要问题是,大多数澳大利亚百万人口和大多数考拉人口都把澳大利亚东部各州称为家园。他说,澳大利亚东部的百分之沿海温带森林遭到,城市化继续快速发展,东海岸的考拉可能会在数年内灭绝“这种动物正处于严重的麻烦之中,”塔巴拉特说,“几年后你将看不到分水岭以西的考拉,”她指的是澳大利亚大分水岭,将澳大利亚东海岸与偏远农村地区分隔开来的山脉野生考拉只存在于澳大利亚六个州中的四个:昆士兰、新南威尔士、维多利亚和南澳大利亚。


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