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关于”什么样的是好“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:What is good。以下是关于什么样的是好的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What is good

How do these Latin words kill and kill? Generally speaking, they are long and pompous nouns, ending with lengthy realization, maximization and communication (five syllables long), or with the development and Realization of entle type. These nouns express a vague concept or abstract concept. There is no specific action here.

This is a typical sentence: before implementing financial enhancement, that is, before we solve our financial problems, implement the maximization of communication development, believe it or not, this is the language often used by American authorities. Long Latin makes them sound It's important that it doesn't rain in the United States anymore. Your TV weatherman will tell you that you're experiencing a precipitation probability, and I'm sure all of you, the new ar, have been frantically trying to figure out the instructions for ordering a mobile phone or connecting to a computer, or applying for a bank loan or health insurance.

You assume that those of us born here can understand these things, and I'll assure you We don't understand that these lengthy Latin usages have infected the everyday language of the United States, and you're likely to think, if that's how the people who run the country write it, that's why I should write this letter. Don't let me read the two letters you've recently received (I keep them in a folder, which I call nonsense files. The first one is a private New York family The chairman of the club, dear member: the board of directors has been considering positive efforts over the past year to continue to professionalize the club and introduce the efficiency that we will implement throughout the process, which means that they will strive to make the club run better.


这些拉丁词是如何扼杀和扼杀的?一般来说,它们是冗长、浮夸的名词,以冗长的实现、最大化和交流(五个音节长)结尾,或以entle式的发展和实现结尾。这些名词表达的是一个模糊的概念或抽象的概念,这里没有一个具体的行动,这是一个典型的句子:在实施金融增强之前,也就是说在我们解决我们的资金问题之前 实施最大化通信发展实现 信不信由你,这是美国当权者经常使用的语言长长的拉丁语让它们听起来很重要美国不再下雨你的电视天气预报员会告诉你你正在经历一个降水概率的情况,我确信你们所有人,新到美国的人,都已经疯狂地试图弄清楚订购手机或连接电脑的说明,或者申请银行贷款或健康保险,你假设我们这些出生在这里的人能理解这些东西我向你保证我们也不懂这些冗长的拉丁语用法已经感染了美国的日常语言,你很可能会想,如果这就是管理国家的人是怎么写的,那就是为什么我应该写这封信,不要让我读你最近收到的两封信(我把这些信保存在一个文件夹里,我称之为废话文件,第一封是纽约一家私人俱乐部的写的,亲爱的会员:董事会在过去xx年里一直在考虑积极的努力,继续使俱乐部专业化,并引入我们将在整个过程中实施的效率,这意味着他们将努力使俱乐部经营得更好。


Narrative, lyric, argumentative, expository, practical writing and other basic styles are five styles. All the compositions we write are included in these five types. When we need to write a composition, we should first determine what kind of time, place, person, event, reason and result are the basic framework of writing a composition There are head, tail, middle, interrelated and consistent.

What you write should have concrete image, vivid scenery, accurate writing, clear and clear writing. It is a good article. Don't try to write it.

It should be true. You should remember your own experience. It can be a bit of fiction.

Others think that transplanting it to yourself and different novel series is a new horse You Jiang is easy to write in a mess and can't write down. Moreover, they are all regarded as fictional facts. However, in terms of the transformation of the protagonist, his ideas are clear and the logical arrangement is appropriate.




Spring is a pleasant season. The temperature is moderate. The trees and flowers in full bloom make the city full of colors.

This is when we can start to wear lighter and more colorful clothes. When we go to outdoor activities, younger children like to take kites to the spacious square. I also like to go back to the village this holiday to spend the winter month.

Summer is a good season for all outdoor sports. This is a football season, because it is very popular, it is often called the national sport. I usually watch TV in the summer and read the news reports about the results of minor league football.

I like to go to the beach often because it's very close to me. After a few months of school in the city, I usually go there to relax during the summer vacation. I feel comfortable with the quiet life that the villagers are familiar with.

For me, autumn or autumn is when school starts in September. I usually go shopping. The mild weather makes it very good to study under the trees outside.

In a small park near my home, I like to see the colors of the leaves from green to red, yellow to brown. There are many bright autumn flowers in the park. On weekends, I saw a little squirrel come down from a tree and forage on the ground.

Sometimes I like to fly kites. Usually on the street corner, you can see street vendors selling hot baked sweet potatoes. This is a good time of the year.

Winter is very cold and windy in most parts of China. I usually look forward to Spring Festival and winter vacation. Then I can go to places with warmer climate in the south.

I also look forward to seeing these holidays My grandparents and my friends in winter is a time when everyone in the city has a festival atmosphere. Because of the cold outside, I usually read books at home.






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