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关于”描述女性相貌“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Describe a woman's face。以下是关于描述女性相貌的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Describe a woman's face

He may want you to believe that he is as hard as a nail, but don't be fooled by your man's tough appearance. In fact, men are more emotional than women, a new study has found. The experiment found that when men and women watched the same relaxing video, men's physiological reactions were more intense, but in line with the type.

When asked about their emotions, these women admitted that they were more emotional than men. In the experiment, a group of participants (father and mother) were shown a series of images and videos, and their physiological responses were measured by skin conductance electrodes attached to their fingers. Compared with women, men's emotional response to happy, interesting, stimulating and exciting content was slightly higher than that of women's.

The experiment found that when presented with exciting content, men's emotional response was higher than that of women's The response was twice that of women. As part of the experiment, when men watched a video of a soldier coming home from a war and reunited with his daughter, their emotional reaction increased significantly. Participants also had to rate the content on a questionnaire to show how they felt about the content.

Women said that their reaction to the content was more emotional than that of men. However, although men reported less emotion than women, their physiological changes showed that, in fact, their emotional feelings were stronger.





How did Tom olivo build this window that changed his life and named the mountains the three-story window under the cathedral ceiling through the kitchen window, the Galatin mountains, the snow capped bridge mountains, and miles of view from the Jacuzzi in the master bedroom. For the tobacco root mountains, the restaurant overlooks the Madison mountains and "If I take it for granted, I have a problem," olivo said, adding that he occasionally pinched himself by the neck to make sure he didn't just imagine his dream home in a huge bowl on the edge of the Bozeman mountains, where the four-year-old house in oriwo sits at the foot of the mountain five feet above sea level, east of the bowl Looking down at the propeller plane hovering down on a private airstrip, olivo marvels at the impending storm sweeping the continental divide, shaking the sky violently. A neighboring farmer's wheat spreads like a huge quilt, just a few feet away from his bedroom, but better than the scenery.

What attracted Oliver to the area The trout fishing in the valley is rich in springs and snowmelt streams and rivers. Bozeman can be said to be the flying fish capital of the United States. By the end of August, olivo had stepped into his wader several times in the year before he retired.

He was not firm and smart enough. Almost every entrepreneur dreams of raising his own children in a crowd far away from the noise A wonderful life to the end.




Men and women are different in character and ability, so some jobs are better done by men, while others are done by women. Do you agree or disagree that men and women should be equal? This is a question that has been widely discussed. Sex has always been an obstacle to the success of women's career.

I firmly believe that women should have the same rights as men, because they are equally important in all human activities. First of all, with the rapid development of social economy, there are many job opportunities now, if women have suffered the same Education, they must be as smart as men. Therefore, some high-level jobs are occupied by women more than in the past, which proves that women's personal abilities are the same as men's.

it is wrong to base our views on the general basis of men's and women's abilities, which should be based on the individual's abilities rather than gender centered. Secondly, the gender characteristics in this stereotype are often inaccurate, not all women are not Being good at business is just like not all men are poor in interpersonal communication. If men are often calm and considerate, but some men are more careless and hesitant than the women next to them.

If women are always sensitive, then when they are numb in work or interpersonal communication, what would you say? Considering their gender, there is no absolute advantage. Finally, as a man, I hope to see more excellent women who can take the jobs they like and get the positions they want, because one's personal ability is far more important than their gender.




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