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关于”学习成功的秘密“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The secret of learning success。以下是关于学习成功的秘密的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The secret of learning success

Concentration is the key to success. Fortunately, the process of resource concentration is exactly the same. You need to choose your battle and allocate your resources to the best things to do.

That is to really push your company to meet the needs and ideas of every customer. But if you are not sure at any time on the journey that you are effectively benefiting With time and resources, it can be a terrible detour. If you are not sure whether you are using your time and resources effectively, you only need to ask yourself a question, whether this promotes the core advantages of our products.

If the answer is yes, you should start in the right direction.




Yes or no, it is a question of success or failure. How to succeed and how to realize these problems perplex many agers nowadays. We all have dreams.

We are all striving to realize our dreams, but there are always some problems and setbacks that hinder our progress. Madame Curie told us how we should stop or continue. We all know that Madame Curie discovered radium, but how many people really know how hard she worked at that time.

Many people disapprove of Madame Curie, although she has overcome hundreds of difficulties, But she still believed in herself, and finally did not stand up. She successfully discovered radium. She proved that she was right with her constant efforts and strong spirit.

We should learn from Madame Curie. She told us the truth through her own experience. Believe in yourself.

You can do it. Never give up and face difficulties with a smile. One day, you will feel for yourself Pride and self-confidence is the key to success.

It makes you brave, helps you overcome difficulties, and gives you motivation. For example, some people are always nervous when important speeches. If they are nervous, the results are always obvious, but if they have confidence in themselves, the results will be better.

Therefore, self-confidence, believe in yourself, and keep smiling when meeting difficulties, you will achieve more.




In the university campus, between the buildings, there is a large lawn, green as always, as if always surrounded by green, I often have an inspiration, think this is a green idea under the shade, my green thinking is about how I will face the future of life, is to have a great goal and determination, life without a goal is like sailing without a compass The lack of goals is the main reason for our failure. When a great goal has been set, determination and persistence are the most important. A story about Mao Zedong's will power of not smoking is a good example of the application of this willpower in the short term.

A young man's example, someone may propose his or her determination to work for a long time. In the Chongqing negotiation, Mao Zedong was infected After the negotiation, someone observed an unusual expression on his face. Chiang Kai Shek said: "he likes cigarettes all his life, but when he knew I didn't smoke, he didn't even smoke a cigarette in the process of our conversation." we must not despise Mao Zedong's determination.

Can you see that there is nothing impossible for a person with a heart, just like Benjamin ·Like Franklin's determination, "a patient can do what he wants" is necessary. Successful people expect periodic failures, understand the causes of mistakes, and make necessary adjustments. If you persist, you will almost certainly succeed.

When Ludwig van Beethoven's Michelangelo of music reaches its peak, if you study his biography, Knowing his tribulations, tribulations, battles and defeating fate, he is totally deaf. Success seldom succeeds easily on the first attempt. The key to distinguish success from failure is perseverance.

Many organizational ysts and career consultants believe that persistence is the ultimate key to success. Successful people, both at the organizational level and at the individual level, will occasionally fail, but they will not let failure frustrate their spirit. They will modify their strategies according to their needs and try again and again until everyone has achieved success.

There is a pure green and a pure desire for success With energy, hope and success, it urges you.




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