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关于”朋友之间“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Between friends。以下是关于朋友之间的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Between friends

My favorite friend my best friend is Daming. He is a good boy. He has short hair.

He works hard in school and he is good at playing football. We always play football after school. He likes collecting stamps.

Now he has more stamps and all the stamps are beautiful. He can speak fluent English. Therefore, he usually teaches me English.

He feels very comfortable when I am with him Who is your best friend? My favorite friend? I have a good friend named Qu Mengxin. Her surname is Qu Mengxin. Her surname is Meng Xin.

Her phone number is hevoritefood. Her favorite color is pink. Her sports are table tennis.

Her parents are teachers. They try very hard to teach their students the refuge in China. But her family and she like English very much Things, because she loves her family so much.




Friendship a few years ago, we were often asked to support other people's friendship. Donna was very depressed. She had just broken up with her boyfriend of two years.

It was very difficult for her to accept what she had lost in bed for a few days due to her knee injury. The time alone at home certainly did not help her, just because she was frustrated that she couldn't pull herself together and keep crying. One morning, Donna received a phone call with the terrible news that Gerald best fromd's brother had been killed in a car accident.

Duna knew her friend Mary, whose brother had been almost all her life, and the news caused controversy. However, Donna soon picked herself up, got on the car and drove to her friend's house. In the next few days, amid the funeral haze and hundreds of visitors, Donna was 10 percent enthusiastic about Mary.

She cried and hugged her endless tears, sitting beside her, the waves of sadness washed away her friend, and she slept on the floor beside Mary's bed Make sure she doesn't wake up alone in the middle of the night. During that time, she could hardly feel the pain in her knee and the depression she experienced a few weeks later. When life began to return to normal, Donna realized that her support for Mary was far greater than any support she had given herself in the dark.

She could use the support from her friends as a mirror to make up for the support she had been hiding from herself, She realized that her tears needed as much attention as anyone else, and that if she could give it to others, she must be able to give it to herself.





TV is the main entertainment in my daily life with my friends. We usually watch reality shows or reality shows on TV. Recently, the new star "runner" has become popular all over the country after its debut.

It is one of our favorite programs. We like to know how stars react in real time to different situations. In addition, we also like to watch a TV program called "voice" singing competition.

We were all surprised by the unique setting of the show. During the audition, the judges could not see the performers' appearance and had to make a decision. According to their voices, the program design not only selected the best voice from a large number of candidates, but also made the TV program completely conform to the type of "reality show".




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