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关于”中国英雄“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Chinese heroes。以下是关于中国英雄的中考英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Chinese heroes

My hero Dr. Bethune Nationality: Canada hobby: photo taking main story: saved a lot of Chinese people, opened a hospital and invented a medical tool Liu Xiang Nationality: Chinese hobby: singing main story: won the first Olympic gold medal in the men's hurdles in Athens Olympic Games, set a world record in the same event in Lausanne. My hero ① ② ③ ④ we all know the hero in my heart Dr.

Norman Bethune is a great doctor from Canada. Dr. Bethune is good at surgery and photography is his hobby.

When he came to China, he opened a hospital and invented medical tools. He worked hard and saved his life Thousands of Chinese people, he did not stop to take care of his injured hand, died, I was deeply moved by his story, today I work hard and try my best to help others. 2 we know, most people have heroes in their hearts, because Mei Liuxiang is a hero in my heart, he is a famous sports in China, Liu Xiang is good at running and won the men's hurdles in Athens Olympic Games He won the first Olympic gold medal.

He set a world record in the same event in Lausanne. In addition to training and participating in competitions, Liu Xiang also likes singing. He sings very well with his own efforts.

He wins the competition one by one, which encourages me to study harder from now on.




Lin Zexu (Chinese: Pinyin: l í n Zex ú) (a Chinese scholar and official in the Qing Dynasty, his most famous was to actively fight against opium smuggling in Guangzhou, which is usually considered to be the main catalyst of the first Opium War. Lin Zexu was born in Fuzhou. In Fujian Province, he obtained the Jinshi degree, which is the highest title in the imperial examination.

In the same year, he was appointed to the Hanlin Academy. He rose rapidly through various levels of provincial services Before the first Opium War, Lin Yifu was sent to Guangdong to prevent the British from importing opium. He confiscated more than boxes of opium and supervised its destruction.

Later he blocked the port and banned European ships. Lin also wrote to Queen Victoria of Britain, warning her that China was taking stricter measures against all people, whether Chinese or foreigners, who brought opium to China. The letter expressed Victoria's desire to act "according to a sense of decency" and support his efforts.

However, the letter was never given to the queen but was published in the times. This letter started when Lin Yifu failed to win a decisive victory. In September, he was replaced by Qishan.

As punishment for his failure, he was demoted and exiled to ILI, Xinjiang. However, the Chinese government still believes that Lin Shuhao is a highly respected official. On his way to Guangxi, he was sent to deal with the plight of his death and sent him to pacify peace He is a capable patriot and enjoys the reputation of "commissioner Lin" in the world.

He opposes opening to the outside world, but feels that he needs to know more about foreigners, which prompted him to collect a lot of information about world geography. Later, he handed these materials to Wei Yuan, who published an illustrated on ocean Kingdom (H ǎ IGU ó t ú zh ì) in June, In Chatham square in Manhattan, Taiwan, which is the no smoking day of the Republic of China, there is a statue of Lin Shuhao in Chinatown to commemorate his early struggle against drug abuse.


林则徐(中文:拼音:Lín zexú)(清朝时期的中国学者和官员,他最著名的是在广州积极打击,这通常被认为是第一次战争的主要催化剂林则徐出生在福州,在福建省,他获得了进士学位,这是科举中最高的头衔,同年他被任命为翰林学堂,他通过各种等级的省级服务迅速崛起,成为湘鄂两省的总督,是一个以彻底和正直著称的令人生畏的官僚,在第一次战争之前,林毅夫被派到广东阻止英国人进口。他没收了超过箱的,并监督销毁。后来他封锁了港口,禁止欧洲船只进入。



(the greatest hero in my heart) "the greatest hero in my heart" suggests the main point: who is the greatest hero in my heart? Why do yoegard him or her as the greatest hero? What will you learn from him? You have seen the movie "hero". I think you have seen the people in the film, but I don't think they are the real heroes in my heart. The Chinese astronauts, Yang Liwei are the real heroes Xiong, he is the first man to land on the moon in our country.

He successfully completed the journey to the moon. Despite the difficulties, he brought us courage and knowledge as an astronaut. In order to complete this special trip perfectly, Mr.

Yang worked very hard, so we should learn from him and build our country into a stronger country. We Chinese people are proud of having such a wonderful space hero.




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