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Chocolate chocolate is a foreign word for chocolate. The main raw material of chocolate is cocoa beans (like coconut fruit, which blooms very early on the tree trunk. Its origin began in the heyday of Mexico.

Monteru, the last emperor of the Stiga Dynasty, used to be an admirer of chocolate society. He liked pepper, vanilla beans and spices in his drink It is a drink of CC and is consumed by members of the court. The scientific name Theobroma "brother" is regarded as a strong heart and diuretic.

It activates the protein enzymes in gastric juice. The first drink that can help digestion is that Maya was originally made by Mexicans. In early sixth Century, Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes discovered Aziz Turk in Mexico.

The king drank a kind of water drink with cocoa and taste. After tasting it, Cortez returned to Spain and planted cocoa trees on a small island in the West. He ground the Spanish from the added sugar and water into cocoa powder, which was made in a hot drink called "chocolate".

This method was quickly accepted by Italian Society and spread throughout Europe The French chocolate, which was used as a drug, was eaten in chocolate by the Catholic Church and then spread to the United States. Thomas Jefferson was known as the cocoa butter added to chocolate because of its "health and nutrition" advantages, so that the Swiss, now known as chewing chocolate, invented the method of milk chocolate. Now we can see that chocolate stimulated chocolate in the first World War The chocolate was transported to the battlefield and distributed to soldiers.




There are many foods in the food. Chocolate is my favorite food because it always brings me sweet taste. It makes me feel very sweet.

Its taste is pure chocolate and milk chocolate. The difference between the two is that the fat of dark chocolate is less than that of milk chocolate (dark chocolate contains grams of fat per gram). Milk chocolate and dark chocolate contain less than micrograms of salt Tangkeke really eats chocolate.

We are just like dark chocolate. Some chocolate gourmets have special parties to taste different names of chocolate, such as coffee, just like the name of wine. According to the different origins and development methods of cocoa beans, there are many famous varieties of dark chocolate.

It is very good for people to eat chocolate every day. So my favorite food is chocolate.




Charlie bout lives in poverty with his parents and four grandparents. Most nights at the bucket house, dinner is a bowl of watered cabbage soup, the heir is a small old house, but it is full of love every night, and the last thing Charlie sees from the window is the big factory owned by Willy Wonka (he sleeps in a daze and dreams of something inside. In the past 15 years, no one has seen a worker in and out of the factory, and no one has seen Willie Wonka himself.

However, mysteriously, a large amount of chocolate is still being produced and transported to stores around the world. One day, Willy Wonka announced that he would open his famous factory and show "all secrets and magic" to five lucky children who were randomly selected from five Wangs A gold ticket was found in the chocolate bar. It was Charlie's family that was happier than seeing him win, but it was very likely that they could only buy one chocolate a year for his birthday present.

In fact, one by one, there were news all over the world about the children finding the gold tickets. Charlie's hope became increasingly dim. But later, something wonderful happened.

Charlie found some money in the snow and took it to the nearest store to buy a Wonka chocolate bar. There was a flash of gold under the package. This was Charlie's last ticket to the factory.

Once in, Charlie was killed One by one, Wonka's own magical, glittering gadgets are fascinating. It can produce new and different kinds of eating fun. Marshmallow 7 cherry cream grows on mature and sweet shrubs in other places.

A hundred trained squirrels peel nuts from 100 stools to make chocolate bars faster than any machine, while other children one by one It turned out to be a bunch of rotten kids whose greedy, spoiled or mean personalities got them into all sorts of troubles and forced them to quit the tour. Before it was finished, Charlie was the only child, so he won the highest prize in all Mr. Wonka's entire factory.




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