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关于”台风报道“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Typhoon Report。以下是关于台风报道的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Typhoon Report

Pacific typhoon is a tropical cyclone formed in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean. Other tropical cyclones include hurricanes formed in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Pacific Ocean north of the equator and the Pacific Ocean bounded by Asia. Storms north of the equator and west of the international date line, and storms that cross the date line from the eastern and Central Pacific are renamed typhoon winds.

The strongest cyclone hurricane on record in this basin. The local synonym for typhoon season includes the whole day Most of the storms over the years tend to form from May to November, and the peak months from August to October correspond to the seasonal peak months of Atlantic hurricanes, along three general D directions: straight line: the general westward path affects the Philippines, southern China and Vietnam; the storm return affects eastern China, South Korea and Japan; northward: from the point of origin, the storm along the north direction, with only a small impact islands. The list of typhoon names consists of entries from East Asian countries and the United States, which are directly affected by typhoons.

The names submitted are divided into five lists. Each list is different from a hurricane, which circulates every year. Typhoons are not named after people.

They usually refer to the names of animals, flowers, astrology and some individuals. However, the Philippine atmospheric, geophysical and Astronomical Services Authority (which is one of the agencies that monitors typhoons) maintains its own naming list, which does include names of people. A typhoon may have two names.

Storms crossing the date line from the central Pacific retain the original name, but the name of a hurricane becomes Taiwan Typhoon Committee of typhoon wjtwcwmo.





Typhoons always happen in coastal areas, which is a serious disaster. Moreover, when I first saw typhoons, many students saw the scenes of typhoons on TV. It gave me a surprise.

Typhoons always hit the southernmost countries in China. At the same time, strong winds and hurricanes will happen, trees will be blown down, many streets, in China, many people will be in the disaster Our government can predict the arrival of typhoons in time, so we need to prevent typhoons.




(typhoon) when I was ten years old, I met a typhoon. It was really a terrible typhoon. It was too dark that night.

I still can't forget that it was a rainy day. Although it was very early and it was very dark, my mother and I were walking on the street. We were going home.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger. We started to run fast. In order to get home quickly, the wind was still faster than my feet A lot of rubbish was blown away by the wind, the typhoon blew, we couldn't hold the umbrella, the rain was heavy, we were all wet, cold and fear passed through our bodies, the trees began to shake, the leaves fell down, we couldn't breathe, the wind blew on our faces, it was so strong, I was afraid that I would be blown away by the wind, I also held my mother tightly, we tried to run best, but we couldn't get excited because of a few minutes After that, we were near home.

When we got home, "I'm still alive", I said happily to myself that I saw a big typhoon outside the window. "How strong is the typhoon? I want to be strong." typhoon is a big storm. Some people say that the word comes from "Dafeng" in China.

From July to September every year, the sea water in the Western Pacific becomes warm, so the air rises, sometimes it rotates, and the wind becomes strong, It became a typhoon. Every typhoon has an "eye". It is the center of a typhoon.

It is usually not windy. Every typhoon here has a name. Every country in Asia has the name of a typhoon.

It is the name of people or animals, birds, trees, flowers, and even food. For example, typhoon gogoghorn often causes floods, so people don't like the coming typhoon. Please remember the rules of typhoon.

We should go in and not go out. It is safe and we should plant Keep things and pets outside. Don't leave them outside.

Close all the doors and windows. Don't stand near the windows. We should use mobile phones.

We shouldn't use home phones. We should remember the rules.



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