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关于”孩子和婚姻的关系“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:The relationship between children and marriage。以下是关于孩子和婚姻的关系的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The relationship between children and marriage

Marriage, where is the house we built for love? It's not the tomb of love. Love without a house will not last long. We need to change our partners to keep the feeling of love in the middle.

Love with a house can last in a living body. It can be said that it is a family, but it does not mean that love is connected by blood. Men and women without blood relationship can not form a prison like family relationship Of course, if we want to take marriage as the grave of love, I can't say anything.

Don't overestimate marriage in love and love. Don't make love sad with trivial things. We can live in our spiritual world forever and let our hearts lose.

Just like we are drunk, marriage sticks to it freely in the most realistic secular life Two people become a pot of porridge, they will be the same person, but if can become a whole, love and marriage will be different things, they also get the joy of seizing the opportunity.




Many couples under the age of, mainly composed of later born "only children", choose to sever the marriage knot, rather than mediate their relationship. Marriage is a feeling, marriage is a kind of contract, and relationship is work. This is the reality of many young couples in Shanghai under the situation of poor marriage.

Facing the prospect of trying to solve difficult relationship problems or applying for divorce, many people seem to stop. According to official statistics, many couples under the age of, mainly made up of "only children" who were born later, chose to sever their marriage. The latest data show that from January to May this year, the divorce rate of young couples in Shanghai was%, up% compared with last year.

On average, couples of different age groups divorce every day, including those born in the s and below Women are the most likely to divorce, Shanghai couple said last year. Shu Xin, founder of a divorce service company, said that people born after birth are more likely to go their separate ways than people of other ages, and more of them need marriage counseling. "They pay more attention to themselves than previous generations," Shu said.

"So when they have problems in their marriage, East China Zhang Xiong, an associate professor at the University of science and technology, said young couples "made hasty decisions on divorce", which is one of the factors contributing to the rising divorce rate year by year.




A comprehensive new survey shows that the Pew Research Center's survey on marriage and parenting has found that since then, the proportion of Americans who think children are "very important" for a successful marriage has dropped sharply. Now, more people think that sharing housework is the key. In a world values survey, people think that the factors of successful marriage include "sharing housework" and "good" In addition to housing, adequate income, happy and loyalty, children rank third in importance.

In Pew's new survey, percent of people think that children are very important to a good marriage, while only% think sharing is very important. The survey also found that more Americans believe that the main purpose of marriage is s "Shared happiness and satisfaction," rather than "fertility," supports the concerns of many scholars and family policy experts, including Barbara daffod Whitehead of Rutgers University's national marriage program: "pop culture is increasingly inclined to satisfy the desires of s," she wrote in a recent report Stability, reliability, maturity seem old and moldy, "said Framingham, a sociology professor at Massachusetts State College and a board member of the contemporary family council. She said the shift in view may be related to the relative lack of family friendly workplace policies in the United States, such as paid leave and subsidized child care." if we value family, we They need to change their environment, "she said, citing the challenges faced by young people.

The Pew survey was conducted over the phone from mid February to mid March, from randomly selected s across the country who are considering whether to have children.



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