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Charles Darwin's origin of species human origin and ual choice (Charles Dickens) (great expectation natural selective choice unionism disastrous materialization comparison maternal instinct male competitive tendency Victorian period can be regarded as a watershed in literary history before the Victorian age, due to the progress of science, people tended to look at it from a religious point of view Waiting for the world, the Victorian era began to change its attitude and began to think from a scientific point of view. Darwin is the author of the book "the origin of species and the origin of human beings and the relationship between selection and ". The introduction of the theory of evolution has triggered a heated debate.

To a certain extent, to this day, this still uses Darwin's natural selection and gender selection to study Dickens' great future. The introduction briefly discusses Darwin's evolutionary theory and its application in Dickens' great expectations. In the first chapter, natural selection and ual selection are deeply studied.

Specifically speaking, the evolution of organic organisms is to adapt to the environment, and males of all species try to lure females for reproduction. The second chapter discusses the difference between unionism and catastrophes, how Darwin challenged the idea of progress, and how natural selection was applied to the concept of materialism. In addition, he also reviews Darwin's observation that organic life can change itself due to survival pressure.

Readers of Dickens' novels see the impact of environmental changes on characters. Chapter three focuses on Darwinian's gender selection, including the comparison between parthenogenesis and ual selection, the supremacy of women in the animal world and the dominance of men in human society, and the maternal origin of women Finally, in the conclusion, the author summarizes the gender ideology revealed by Darwin and Dickens in their works, and discusses Dickens' novels from the perspective of Darwin's evolutionism. We can see how Victorian literature and science are integrated.





Zoos are places where animals are restricted in artificial environment. Zoos are places where animals are restricted in artificial environments and displayed to the public. The original zoo was a private zoo.

King Charles I, who usually belonged to the monarch, established a zoo with a boa constrictor as its main attraction. The first public zoo was established in Vienna in, when the emperor Habsburg decided to allow the public access to the former privately owned schenbrune zoo. After the French Revolution, it is now known as tilgarten schenbrune.

With the passage of time, the Paris zoo was opened to the public. The task of the zoo has changed from simply displaying animals for public viewing to science The first scientific zoo in the modern world was established in London by the Zoological Society of London in. As a way of funding its scientific work, Londoners quickly shortened the "zoo" to "Animal Park".

The Zoological Society of London was also the first to create an open wildlife park The famous naturalist Charles Darwin likes to visit London Zoo and observe the behavior of animals. The famous naturalist Charles Darwin set up a Whipsnade wildlife park on Chiltern mountain. The first living gorilla on display there caused quite a stir.

It is said that it affected Darwin's Thoughts on Evolution and evolution and the emotions of non-human primates And intelce.




Charles Darwin was born in February to a family not far from the Severn river. Charles's father is a famous doctor. He hopes his son can become a doctor.

As a child, Charles liked to walk in the fields and woods, comparing what he saw with what he read in books. He also liked to collect a lot of them when he was 12 years old when he was sent to Edinburgh University, but he was very interested in natural history. Then he was sent to Cambridge University, where he graduated.

Darwin continued his scientific research until his death. He was buried in the abbey of minister West..





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