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关于”我的生活结束“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:My life is over。以下是关于我的生活结束的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My life is over

An experience that I will never forget. A man should experience a lot of things. In these things, there are always some things that impress us.

I want to say that I have too many memories of these emotional things. I still remember my close friend. He took notes for me.

He helped me get great improvement when I had a cold. I was worried that my study was not good When I was in a low mood, he showed up and told me not to worry about my study. At last, he gave me a lot of help because my best friends helped me.

My grades didn't disappoint us. I really want to express my heartfelt thanks to him.




Dear teacher: time flies, my junior high school life is at the end. Thank you for your cultivation. You are like a big tree, but I am on the branches and leaves.

You provide me with nutrition in my low place. You hold me tightly like a strong rope. When I am happy, you often teach me not to become complacent because of pride.

Thank you for your teaching. I will never forget you.




Junior high school life again and again, the short life of primary school unconsciously slipped down, in laughter and sigh staggered, we ushered in a new junior high school life, may be like junior high school three years of time will be seven notes, seemingly boring, but no matter how the arrangement is an extraordinary song, perhaps like the hot summer sun, seemingly colorless, but it is with red orange yellow green blue The purple rainbow light may be the ups and downs of this year's music life. Although I have just entered junior high school for two weeks, I have experienced countless jokes among my classmates in music weekdays. I heard a blessing, a greeting card, and a note for all junior high school students.

School life is fun for all students. The teacher's praise will let my children and agers all day long Happy, not to mention the exam can get good results, of course, such a thing is not a problem that can be solved every day, so that all kinds of "formula" can be recited one by one, let the letter very gentle mouth come out of the mouth, no, it also makes people very happy. As your mother said, my happiest high school student actually likes the summer sunshine, sometimes it can be replaced by heavy rain, sometimes the sky will appear dark clouds There will be a kind of dreary pain in the first day of life, just like the clouds of work, heavy learning tasks, the pressure of the can be imagined, all kinds of work, such as the drizzle in March, let me taste the taste of enough bitterness, in the face of a variety of exercises, wrestling also puzzled several s for cross examination, more than heavy work The trouble is that I wake up loud from the alarm clock in the morning, quickly walk towards the school, finish eight or nine classes and go back to the dormitory.

This life should be said to be bitter. Junior high school life is to weave the pain and happiness into a big net. The hope of parents, the expectation of teachers and the friendship of students are the shuttle knitting machine.

I will work hard for the future through this flash net. Bitter and happy are twins It will always be accompanied by the line, but as long as there is joy in the heart, life is always colorful.



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