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关于”青少年与父母关系“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Relationship between adolescents and their parents。以下是关于青少年与父母关系的六级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Relationship between adolescents and their parents

First of all, the author equates the growth rate of juvenile delinquency in Alta province with the growth rate of violence on TV, but does not give a causal relationship except for a similar period of time. There are several possible reasons for the increase in juvenile delinquency, whether violent or nonviolent. For example, it is possible that all types of crimes have increased in all age groups, or perhaps the police are doing better than before in arresting young offenders.

Perhaps the reason for the increase is only the increase in the total population and the total number of juvenile delinquencies However, these and other reasons are not excluded. This argument does not prove that there is a causal relationship between TV violence and juvenile delinquency, so it is not convincing.




Adolescence may be a process of emotional aggression for parents and adolescents. In adolescence, the gap between parents and children will grow. One of the reasons many of us find this difficult to understand is that it is a period of rapid physical development and profound emotional changes, which are exciting, but can also make children confused and uneasy.

Like parents, some teenagers begin to pay close attention to their appearance, and they may be worried, especially if these changes are earlier or later than their peers They will start to have different ideas and feelings. They have established close relationships outside the family, and the relationship with friends of the same age in the family also changes the importance of parents in their eyes. With the development of their life outside the family, they become less important.

With the formation of young people's views on themselves, this is well known, young and young It took a lot of time to communicate with each other in their companies, on the phone or on the Internet. These friendships are part of learning how to get along with others and gain a sense of identity that is different from family clothes and looks. It's a way to express solidarity with friends, although teenagers are more likely to get their values from their families.

This is not only a difficult stage, although sometimes it can be felt in difficult times, but mostly Teenagers don't develop serious problems, and it's worth remembering when things are difficult.





Most teenagers live with their parents, but some teenagers are independent. All the teenagers who live with their parents will never live with their parents in their whole life. But when they live with their parents, they have many advantages and less responsibility, which is the most beneficial for the teenagers who live together.

Because parents and parents live together, young and young people live together For example, if a family chooses a family plan, it will receive a bill for all family members, and the parents usually pay the bill. The teenagers who live with their parents don't have to pay the water and electricity bill. Second, when the teenagers live with their parents, they don't have to pay any bills When they are together, if their parents have a house, they don't have to pay the rent.

If their parents live in an apartment, they can live there for free. They will pay the rent every month. On the contrary, teenagers who don't live with their parents have to spend time looking for a good apartment and pay the rent every month.

If they don't have a high paying job, they won't have enough Third, teenagers don't have to worry about buying food and clothes. For example, my brother and I are teenagers living with our parents. Our parents always buy food and clothes for me and my brother.

Finally, when teenagers live with their parents, they don't have to pay for their own tuition. My best friend, nishit, is a teenage father who has lived with his parents for a long time, paying several tons of tuition.



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