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关于”政府给穷人钱的好处“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The benefits of government giving money to the poor。以下是关于政府给穷人钱的好处的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The benefits of government giving money to the poor

As we all know, the development of globalization has brought great positive impact on the whole world. It not only brings opportunities to developed countries, especially developing countries, but also brings great benefits to the poor in the world. Globalization makes the mobility of capital and labor force greater than before.

Developing countries can choose to work in some foreign companies, and these companies can work for them With the increase of capital and labor mobility, they will improve their living conditions, enable their children to enjoy better education, international tax competition intensifies, and many governments have to cut tax reduction rates. Therefore, tax systems around the world will become more effective, and economic output and income will increase. Globalization will enable people to make rational use of it With the development of globalization, the economy of all countries will get faster development, create many new employment opportunities at home and abroad, increase the income of people all over the world, and the poor will no longer worry about their life, because if they want to find a job, they will be easier to find a job, so developed countries and development The poor in China will have a better life.

New technologies will be introduced in developing countries, and they can be developed. In short, the positive side of globalization is greater than the negative side, so I think globalization benefits the poor all over the world.




Topic: should the government invest in poverty-stricken population or high-tech research? As people gradually realize the importance of government investment, government investment is getting more and more attention. I think that the government should investigate high-tech products or study the poor. This is a dilemma that is hard to decide.

But the poor should first care about people, which is the most fundamental aspect of the formation of society. Therefore, they should be given more attention. Our ancestors first used wood to make a fire to bring light and culture to the world In this way, society is gradually formed and developed.

Today, we can see that in the long history of the world, people play an important role that can not be ignored. Therefore, as the central machine of the country, the government is responsible for everyone in the society. It should care about the poor people and give them necessary help, which will make the society unstable because of poverty, Many people steal or rub to make a living, which greatly increases the crime rate.

Some people become more vulnerable to attack. Their brains are full of resentment and jealousy. They find that killing an innocent person or making a fire in someone's home is a good way to vent their anger.

This is what we often see in the news, if our government does not investigate them, We can't imagine what our society will be like. In a country with a large number of poor people, producing a large number of high-tech products with a large amount of money will definitely lead to the result of staying in the shops, because when the poor try their best to maintain their living time, people have neither money nor emotion to enjoy luxury goods, and the government has no reason not to intervene in them It is to sum up the money spent on wasteful research or the development of high-tech products. It is better to make the poor rich first and then enjoy the fun brought by high-tech products.




One thing that touched me was that in the tunnel of Chang'an Street, I saw that no one gave the poor old beggar one yuan. She was wearing very bad clothes and holding a cup in front of her. She held out her hand.

I was moved by a foreigner. When he passed by, he gave her a dollar. Then I knew that foreigners were more kind than Chinese people.

I was influenced by our politics The government was moved that they gave nothing to the poor in poor areas, but to foreigners who had nothing to do with us. Our school donates clothes to poor areas every year, which is much better than the government giving us Chinese people.




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